The Graduate School

Completing the Write-Up

Guidelines for Thesis Submission

Queen’s University’s Guidelines for Thesis Submission

At this stage, it is wise to make yourself aware of the University’s guidelines for thesis layout and formatting:

Text and Layout of the Thesis

The first page of the thesis must include the following:

  • Author’s full names
  • Degrees held by the author
  • Title of Thesis (as approved by the School Postgraduate Research Committee)
  • Degree for which it is offered
  • School to which it pertains
  • Date

The Thesis Must:

  • Be printed on good quality A4 size paper, single-sided
  • Have minimum margins as follows
    -      Left margin = 4cm (to allow for binding)
    -      Right, top and bottom margins = 2½ cm
  • Have consecutively numbered pages and illustrations 
  • Have text presented in either one-and-a-half or double-line spacing
  • Be bound in a secure spiral or soft binding


  • You must also print two copies for PhD, MD and MPhil, and three for Higher Doctorates

Further Information

  • There may be different formatting requirements at School level; further information can be found in your School Handbook, accessible from the Student Gateway.
  • Detailed advice on how to submit your thesis is available (complete with submission forms) from Student Records and Exams.
  • Full details of the University’s guidelines for thesis presentation and format can be found in  the University’s research degree regulations.
  • 'Working With Long Documents' is a particularly practical course to support you in editing long documents such as a thesis and is delivered by the IT Department.