The Graduate School

Submitting the Thesis

The Steps Involved

Notice of Intention to Submit Process

The formal procedure for submitting your thesis actually commences a number of months before the actual submission. The student must fill out a ‘Notice of Intention to Submit’ via QSIS. This acts as a notification to your School of your intended date of thesis submission.

Please note that the paper forms for both PGR 8 (Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis) & PGR9 (Nomination of Examiners for a Research Degree Thesis) will be obsolete from 16 June 2014.  From this date, all students will submit their “Notification of Intention to Submit” through the Self Service facility in Qsis and all subsequent “Nomination and Approval of External Examiners” will be facilitated in Qsis.

Guidelines for the notice of intention to submit can be found here.

The ‘Notice of Intention to Submit’ Asks the Student to Supply the Following:

  • The thesis title: note that this must be the title under which the thesis is ultimately submitted. Any variations from the thesis title specified on the ‘Intention to Submit’ must be approved by your School Postgraduate Research Committee;
  • Intended submission date;
  • If you fail to submit your thesis on the date indicated on your ‘Intention to Submit’, you must notify your School Postgraduate Research Committee and advise them of a new date of submission.

Nomination of Internal and External Examiners

In the final stage of your PhD, your School will appoint an internal and external examiner for your thesis.

  • Both examiners should be familiar with your field of research.
  • The internal examiner is appointed from within the University, often from within your School, but cannot be your principal, secondary or co-supervisor. They also cannot be on a probationary period.
  • The external examiner must not have been a student or staff member of Queen’s University at any time during the three years prior to this appointment.
  • Once agreed, your supervisory team are responsible for filling out the appropriate paperwork which will then be forwarded to Academic Affairs for approval.
  • It is wise to check with your supervisory team/School that your examiners have been formally appointed and that notification has been forwarded to the Student Records Office as irregularities may result in difficulties or delays when submitting your thesis.

Actually Submitting Your Thesis

Step 1: Check your Academic Standing

Before submitting the thesis, it is essential that you check that your student record is in good academic standing with the University: if you are not correctly registered, have been suspended, or have outstanding fees or fines (including library fines) you may be unable to submit. You can check your academic standing by logging into your QSIS student account, clicking into the ‘Student Centre’ and checking the section marked ‘Holds’.

Step 2: Plagiarism Detection

The University has implemented regulations which require that students’ work be passed through originality checking software (Turnitin). For detailed information on the use of turnitin software, please read this good practice guide.  Video Tutorials for Postgraduate Research Students on enrolling in the Turnitin Service and uploading a draft chapter can be found here.

Step 3: Completion of Forms for Submission

A number of completed forms must be submitted alongside your thesis. (The thesis cannot be sent to your examiners unless these forms have all been received and fully completed). You can find these forms and accompanying information here.

Step 3: Handing over your Thesis

  • You should submit soft bound copies of the thesis to Queen’s University’s Student Records & Examinations Office, located on the first floor of the Student Guidance Centre.
  • They will check your student record, your completed submission forms to ensure all is in order.
  • They will also check the title page of your thesis to ensure it exactly matches the title as approved by the School Postgraduate Research Committee.
  • You will then be given a receipt as proof of submission.

Step 4: The Hard Bound

You can find these forms and accompanying information here.

Further Information

  • The Study Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students:
    - see Section 7 for details of the University’s regulations for thesis submission
    - see Section 7.6 for details on appointing examiners for a student’s final oral examination/viva
  • Thesis submission forms are all available for download here.
  • A thorough but concise summary of the University’s guidelines for thesis submission – from notifying your School to handing in the final hard-bound copies – is available here.
  • Any queries on the process of submitting your thesis should be addressed to the Student Records and Examinations Office:
    Email:;  Phone 02890 972727.
  • A soft- and hard-bound thesis binding service is available on-campus at CDS Print & Repro Centre, Level 1 Admin Building; e-mail or phone 028 9031 3865. Be aware that during busy submission periods – for example, mid-September – the service may take longer.