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Beyond Your Research Degree

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Beyond Your Research Degree

Raising Your Research Profile

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Being a successful researcher involves many skills including effectively communicating your work to others, being aware of its impact and being innovative and enterprising. The PRDP offered by Queen’s helps you to improve your abilities in these areas. It is up to you, the research student, to put these skills into practice in order to build up your research profile. These skills not only make you more attractive to academic employers, but will also enhance your employability in non-academic domains. While the current section focuses on raising your profile as a researcher, you need to bear in mind that, in doing so, you are enhancing your overall employability both within and outside academia.

There are a number of ways in which you can raise your research profile, both within and beyond Queen’s, which the current section will explore and outline, including:

  • Networking amongst the local and international academic community through conference and seminar attendance
  • Presenting your research at conferences/seminars
  • Publishing your research
  • Tutoring, demonstrating and/or lecturing


Raising Your Research Profile Within Queen's

Raising Your Research Profile Outside Queen's