The Graduate School

Reviewing your Progress

Regular Performance Monitoring should continue to take place throughout the entire course of PhD study, and can be complemented by regular informal meetings, as agreed with your supervisory team. In addition, there is the system of Annual Progress Review; (this is detailed in the ‘Early Stage’ section but is summarised below for convenience).

The Annual Progress Review

  • This takes place every year to review a student’s progress in that academic year to date, to ensure that it is both satisfactory and on target.
  • Your School is responsible for organising the APR, which involves the appointment of a Progress Review Panel.
  • The actual format of the APR varies across Schools, but should consist of written work, an interview/presentation and documented outcomes of the review and the Panel’s decision.
  • The normal outcome of the APR is that the student progresses to the next year, either unconditionally or subject to the completion of specific targets.
  • Registration at the beginning of an academic year usually depends on the completion of a satisfactory progress report at the end of the previous academic year, as indicated by the outcome of the APR.

Informal Progress Reviews

  • As mentioned previously, students should keep in regular contact with their supervisors through the course of their PhD, advising them of the progress of their research, of any changes to the research plan and updating them as they complete various stages of their research.
  • You should continue to keep a log of all meetings held with your supervisory team. Detail what was discussed and what was recommended on how to proceed. You might want to agree some ‘Action Points’, with a deadline for completion.

Further Information

  • Your supervisory team and fellow research students are a good source of further information on the procedures and realities of progress reviews.