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Process and forms

Process and Forms

Personal development planning is a continuous cycle of planning, doing, recording and reviewing. 


Planning:  This involves identifying and prioritising personal development aims and objectives, deciding on the development activities to address the objectives and  consideration of the resources required to support these activities.  Postgraduate research students in their first year of study should agree their initial aims and objectives with their supervisory team. The plan should then be reviewed and updated on a  regular basis.  Personal development plans  should be reviewed as part of Annual Progress Reviews. The Queen’s University Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner  is attached here and includes guidance on its usage.

Doing:  This involves undertaking development activities within the timescales set.

Recording:  This involves recording the completion of objectives on the Postgraduate Researcher Development Planner and on the student’s Qsis record. Instructions on recording training and development activities on Qsis are attached here. Recording development activities and their completion is a University requirement and provides a useful record to support the completion of CV’s in the future.

Reviewing: This involves both personal reflection on the part of the student and discussion between the student and their supervisory team and may include the following types of questions.

Did the development activities undertaken meet the developmental objectives set?

What additional development needs (if any) arose as a result of undertaking the planned development?

To what extent has the personal development led to a change in skill levels/ behaviour?