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Setting aims and objectives

Setting Aims and Objectives

Identify development areas

In order to set development aims and objectives, students need to assess their current abilities and identify strengths and development areas.

The Researcher Development Framework identifies the knowledge, behaviours and attributes required to be a successful researcher.

It has been designed by researchers in consultation with employers, for researchers to identify strengths and priorities for development. The framework outlines a wide range of skills and knowledge areas across 4 Domains. Further information on the RDF is available at Vitae.

To identify specific development needs, students should take time to reflect on previous learning and experience, seek feedback from others, identify the particular requirements of their PhD and consider their future career goals. Learning aims and objectives should be discussed and agreed with supervisory teams.



Writing developmental aims and objectives

When writing aims and objectives, students should be specific about the behaviours, knowledge or attributes that they want to develop. An aim is the overall statement of intent, identifying the behaviours, knowledge or attributes that are to be developed. An objective is a more specific statement about what a student will be able to do after the developmental activity. More information on setting aims and objectives is provided here.