The Graduate School

Using QSIS

QSIS is used to enrol on the PSTP training courses.  These courses are listed on QSIS each semester.  QSIS will only allow you to enrol on a class 60 days prior to the class date.  QSIS will also prevent you from enrolling on a class 2 days prior to the class date.  During this time, you can also 'drop' (cancel) your place on a class.  We have added guidance links below to assist you in using QSIS.

As well as completing PSTP training, you can make up your 30 days training by completing additional training.  We define additional training and development activity in the following way:

Additional Training

  • On-line learning materials (videos, training courses and webinars)
  • School/subject specific training co-ordinated at School level
  • Other instructor-led and on-line training delivered by external bodies (e.g. research councils, Vitae)
  • Personal Effectiveness programmes

Development Activity

  • Attending or presenting at a conference
  • Involvement in writing a paper/poster
  • Teaching *
  • Demonstrating *
  • Job shadowing and employer visits
  • Careers events
  • Mentoring *
  • Supervision of project students *
  • Student-led initiatives
  • Public engagement activity

*  In relation to each of these areas, a maximum of 5 days developmental credits can be claimed. 

The following activities are not considered to be developmental with regard to the Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme as they are integral to the process of completing a research degree.

  • Thesis writing
  • CAST placements
  • Research visits which are an obligatory part of doing a research degree
  • Laboratory work

The University expects all students to maintain a record of all relevant training and development activity undertaken, on the QSIS system.  This may be required by supervisors and in review meetings and will prove useful when applying for jobs.  You can record your additional training and review your training record on QSIS by following the below guidance.

QSIS Links: