Outreach / Public Engagement


The ICONIC project aims to disseminate research outcomes to the scientific community, European industry and stakeholders using open access principles. We will facilitate the exploitation of research outcomes by the participants and external stakeholders and undertake public engagement activities to promote scientific careers to school children. We will also keep interested parties informed of our progress and impact through our social media sites.

Here are some of the public engagement activities we have planned:

Outreach activity

Intended primary audience


Expected Impact

Special lectures at network universities

Undergraduates and Master level students

1per year per ESR

Encourage UG/MSc students to pursue doctoral training.

Marie Curie Ambasssador visit

Primary and secondary school students

1 per year per ESR

Create interest in STEM subjects at an early age.

Design competition

Secondary school students

2nd summer sch.

Students asked to create energy-absorbing structures.


Students and the general public

Twice (M21, M39)

Foster interest in science and engineering; inform the public of innovation-led research; attract media coverage.


The general public


Public information on research projects; on-line teaching resources for school children.

Radio, TV and print media

The general public

As required - focus on Final Conference

Wide coverage of ICONIC activities across the participating countries and potentially beyond.

Social media

The general public


Immediate communication with the general public to encourage discussion.