Qualifications and experience of supervisors

                                                                                        Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)                                                   

Coordinator and Scientist-in-Charge: Prof. Brian G. Falzon,PhD (USyd) 1996, Head of School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, FRAeS, Royal Academy of Engineering – Bombardier Chair in Aerospace Composites and previously Chair of Aerospace Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Nearly 20 years’ research experience in advanced composites and has initiated and managed a number of projects with academic and industry partners across Europe, USA and Australia, totalling over €5M in direct research income. He has published over 120 research papers, three books, three book chapters, two patents and is the co-founder of one spin-off company. In 2013 Prof Falzon was awarded an FP7 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant for the project MAGNUS (Multifunctional composite aerostructures utilising carbon nanotube webs). Over the past 10 years Prof Falzon has supervised five postdoctoral research fellows and fifteen PhD students.

Prof Mark A. Price, PhD (QUB) 1993, is Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. He has been involved in numerous EU projects including FP4/MMFSC, FP5/ViSiCADE, FP6/DEEPWELD, FP6/VIVACE, FP6/EPISODE 3 and FP7 RECREATE. He has supervised 12 postdoctoral fellows, 18 PhD students to completion and is currently co-supervising six PhD students.

Dr Peter Martin, PhD (Belf) 1992, FIMechE CEng, is a Reader in polymer engineering. He has more than 25 years’ research experience in polymer processing, with particular focus on extrusion and thermoforming of polymers and polymer-based composites. His expertise includes process modelling, in-process measurement and structural development during processing. To date he has supervised more than 35 PhD students and he has published over 170 research papers and 3 book chapters.

Giuseppe Catalanotti, (MSc in Mechanical Engineering, UPalermo, 2007, IT) was Early Research Scientist within MOMENTUM project (Marie Curie Action) and received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Porto, PT, in 2011. In the same year he left Alstom Transport (where he worked as expert in composite materials) and joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Porto as Post-Doctoral Research Associate. The main research interest of Giuseppe Catalanotti is the structural integrity of advanced polymer composites. In particular, Fracture Mechanics, Continuum Damage Mechanics, Computational Mechanics for advanced polymer composites, design and manufacture of composite structures, joining of composite structures, and new test methods for composites. He has been involved in several projects (SHEFAE, 2GenComp, iComp, MOMENTUM, HY-LYGHT,ULTIMAT) funded by the European Commission and by the aeronautic industry and he has been supervisor of four PhD students. He was Visiting Lecturer at the University of Girona in February 2012, and Visiting Scientist at NASA - Langley Research Center in September 2014. He joined INEGI in February 2015 as Research Coordinator. In June 2016 after leaving INEGI, he has joined, as a Lecturer, the Advanced Composite Research Group (ACRG) at the Queen’s University Belfast.

University of Limerick (ULIM)

Scientist-in-Charge: Prof. Michael McCarthy, Ph.D (Cornell) 1989, worked in the USA automobile industry, in the area of crashworthiness, before returning to ULIM. He is the Chair of Aeronautical Engineering at ULIM. He has supervised 12 Ph.D. students and 10 post-doctoral fellows, obtained almost €3M in research funding from the EU, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Irish Research Council (IRC), Enterprise Ireland (EI) and direct industry funding. He has also been a primary investigator on successful institutional proposals worth over €24M. He was Project Coordinator for the EU5 project "BOJCAS: Bolted Joints in Composite Aircraft Structures", and has been a partner in EU crashworthiness projects: CRASURV and CRAHVI, as well as FP7 projects MAAXIMUS and REAMOFUN. He has published one book, three book chapters and over 130 research articles, including 68 refereed journal papers listed on the ISI Web of Science.

Dr. Conor McCarthy PhD (ULIM) 2003, has graduated seven PhD students, and mentored four Post-Doctorial researchers. He has secured over €2.4M in competitive research grants obtained from the EU, SFI, IRC, EI and has collaborated on large institutional grants to help ULIM secure over €17M in research funding. He has published 50+ journal papers, 100+ conference papers and two book chapters, all closely related to composite joining. He currently collaborates on both private and publicly funded projects with three major airframe manufacturers (EADS, AIRBUS and BOMBARDIER) on the design of composite joints, led the largest University partnership (€1M) in the FP7 Project “MAAXIMUS”, and is PI on the €1.1M Science Foundation Ireland funded project FALCOM on novel and innovative composite joining techniques.

University of Patras (UPAT)

Scientist-in-Charge: Associate Prof. George Lampeas, PhD (UPAT) 1995, has been involved in more than 30 EU and national aeronautic research projects since 1989. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the study of impact and crashworthiness of composite and metallic structures, as well as in advanced computational modelling of aerostructures. He is co-author of three books, over 60 scientific publications in international journals and has delivered over 100 presentations at International Conferences. He has supervised five PhD researchers to completion and is currently supervising five more.

Dr. Ioannis Diamantakos¸PhD (UPAT) 2010, has over 14 years of experience in the analysis of structures and numerical modelling. He has been involved in numerous EU funded projects and is the author of 22 scientific publications in journals and conference proceedings.

University of Ulster (UU)

Scientist-in-Charge: Prof Eileen Harkin-Jones, PhD (QUB) 1992, OBE, FREng, FIMechE, FIChemE, C.Eng, is the Royal Academy of Engineering – Bombardier Chair in Composites Engineering at the University of Ulster. She has extensive experience in leading multi-million Euro research consortia in the processing and modelling of thermoplastic polymers. She has published over 180 papers and won research funding in excess of €12M. Professor Harkin-Jones has supervised 30 PhD students to completion as well as 20 Master students in Polymer Science & Engineering.

Dr Alistair McIlhagger, PhD (UU) 2002, is the Director of the Engineering Composites Research Centre (ECRE) at UU. He has over 15 years of experience in textile composites.  He has currently involved in an EU (MARINCOMP/FP7) and nationally-funded research programmes. Dr McIlhagger has supervised seven PhD students to completion and is currently supervising three full-time and three part-time candidates.

Dr Edward Archer, PhD (QUB) 2003, is currently a lecturer in ECRE.  He has successfully completed projects for Rolls Royce on 3D woven composites structures and Irish Composites on thermoplastics.  Dr Archer has mentored two postdoctoral research fellows and one PhD student to completion and was recently awarded a Marie Curie IAPP grant.

Short Brothers plc (Bombardier Aerospace Belfast)

Scientist-in-Charge: Mr Dave Thompson, MPhil (QUB), CEng, MIMechE, has mentored and supervised a number of MSc, PhD and post-doctoral researchers over the past five years, in the area of advanced aerospace analysis, through UK funded projects such as NGCW and STeM. He has 23 years’ engineering experience in Research & Development and within Non-Profit Institutions in different engineering sectors.

Mr Keith Campbell, has 24 years of experience in the design and analysis of a wide variety of metallic and composite primary and secondary aerostructural components with a specific focus on the certification of composite structures. In 2008 he was appointed as Chief Engineer of Strategic Technology and is now responsible for the development and implementation of composite (and metallic) materials and manufacturing processes.

Mr Sam Wilson is the Head of Composite Materials and Processes Engineering within BAB’s Strategic Technology Group. He has 27years’ experience in the evaluation, development and implementation of composite materials and manufacturing processes. Mr Wilson brings a strong aerospace industry focus to ICONIC and has participated in many UK and EU funded programmes, most notably MATADOR, TANGO and ALCAS. 

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

Scientist-in-Charge: Dr. Nathalie Toso, PhD (Stuttgart), 2009 is the head of the “Structural Integrity” Department, Institute of Structures and Design, at DLR. She has extensive experience in industrial, national and international projects, including contributions to EU projects CRASURV, CAST, ALCAS,MAAXIMUS and to GARTEUR Groups. She is a designated certification engineer for crash and high velocity impact loadings on research aircraft at the DLR. Dr Toso has supervised numerous Master students for their final thesis and foreign students on internships. She is currently supervising a PhD student in the field of composite behaviour under high velocity impact and preloading (simulation and test) which is of direct relevance to the work proposed in ICONIC.

Dr. Dominik Schuler, is a mechanical engineer (Dipl.Ing.) who graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He has been working at the DLR Institute of Structures and Design since 2010 at the Structural Integrity department on the numerical and experimental investigation of composite structures under impact and crash loads. Recently he participated in large dynamic test series on jointed composite structures including test preparation, test conduction in a high rate testing machine and the subsequent data evaluation. In parallel he is going to finish his PhD study on the high velocity impact response of composite structures.

Prof Heinz Voggenreiter PhD (Freiberg), 1996, is a material scientist and, since 2005, Director of the Institute of Structures and Design (Stuttgart) and the Institute of Materials Research (Cologne) at DLR, and Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Prior to his appointment at DLR, he worked at Daimler Research and Technology, and at EADS. He has supervised five PhD students to completion and is currently supervising three PhD students.

Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF)

Scientist-in-Charge: Ing. Lucio Cascone graduated in Aerospace Engineering at Napoli “Federico II” University, 1998. He is a researcher at CRF’s Group Material Labs (GML) working on the virtual testing and design composite materials and developing new numerical methodologies.

Ing. Ranieri Lupicini graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Napoli “Federico II” University, 1986. He has worked at CRF since 2011 in the GML. He has extensive experience in the mechanical characterisation of composites and previously worked as a test engineer in Body and Chassis components for FGA.

Dr. Brunetto Martorana, PhD (Naples), 2004 is Project Manager in the Polymers & Glass Department (PGD) at CRF. His research is focussed on polymer-based composites for automotive applications. Dr Martorana is the author of several patents and scientific papers and has supervised two PhD students.

Ing. Matteo Basso graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Salerno University, 1998. He is a researcher in the PGD, engaged in the development and characterization of composite materials and structures. He previously worked as a CAE analyst within FGA, for the design of new vehicles.

Ing. Domenico Fondacaro graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Napoli “Federico II” University. Since 2011, Dr Fondacaro has been the Department Manager in the PGD. He was previously Project Manager in the Body Department of FGA.


Scientist-in-Charge: Dr Robin Olsson, PhD (KTH), 1999, is a Senior Scientist and Assoc. Professor at Chalmers University with 26 years’ experience in researching impact and delamination of composites. He was previously a researcher for 15 years at The Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden and Senior Lecturer for five years at the Dept. of Aeronautics, Imperial College London. Dr Olsson has published two book chapters and 33 refereed journal papers, mostly on impact. He has supervised numerous MSc projects, five PhD students to completion and is currently supervising two PhD students on crash behaviour of composites.

Dr Maciej Wysocki, PhD (Chalmers), 2007, is a Senior Scientist with 20 years’ experience in design and research on composite materials and Assistant Professor at Chalmers University. He has published 13 refereed journal papers related to composites process simulation and novel composite materials. He has supervised two PhD students to completion, including one in an FP6 Marie Curie ITN ‘MOMENTUM’, and is currently supervising two PhD students.

Dr Renaud Gutkin, PhD (Imperial), 2010, is a Senior Scientist and Team Manager at Swerea SICOMP with six years’ experience in composites research, including one year in the Nonlinear Finite Element group at Airbus UK. He has published 11 journal papers and is currently co-supervising two PhD students.

Politecnico di Torino (POLITI)

Prof Erasmo Carrera, PhD (POLITO), 1991,  introduced the CUF (Carrera Unified Formulation) as a tool to build a new framework in which beam, plate, and shell theories can be developed for metallic and composite multilayered structures under mechanical, thermal, electrical, and magnetic loadings. He has authored some 500 publications, including books and international journal papers, with h-index of 44 (Scopus). He is a Highly Cited Researcher (top 100 Scientist) by Thompson Reuters in engineering. During the last two decades, he has supervised tens of Ph.D. and MSc students.Carrera is the coordinator of the H2020 MSCA ITN ETN FULLCOMP.

Dr Marco Petrolo, PhD (POLITO), 2012, is a research fellowat Politecnico di Torino. He is author and co-author of some 70 publications, including two books and 30 articles (h index = 14, Scopus).  He works in Professor Carrera’s research group on various research topics related to the development of refined structural models of composite structures. He is involved in the research and management activities of the H2020 MSCA ITN ETN FULLCOMP.