Work Packages

ICONIC Work Packages


Work Package 1 - Project planning and management

The main duties in this WP include:

  • Establishing an online presence for the project
  • Managing the kick-off meeting
  • ESR recruitment
  • Management of the annual reports submitted to the EC


Work Package 2 - Material development and characterisation of novel 2D and 3D composite systems

Activities in this work package will explore new innovative strategies, which go beyond the state-of-the-art, in enhancing the energy absorption of composite materials by exploiting nano-additives, 3D woven geometry and self-reinforcement in thermoset and/or thermoplastic composite materials.

It will also develop improved experimental techniques to enable the reliable characterisation of these novel materials, under intermediate and high strain rates expected in crash events, which enable quantitative assessments of manufacturing defects and variability.


Work Package 3 - Numerical modelling of impact and crush behaviour of composite structures

This WP will improve on the state-of-the-art in the virtual testing of composite structures under crushing loads by pursuing a suite of promising numerical strategies which may be exploited collectively to deliver a powerful mutli-fidelity/multi-scale/multi-field predictive modelling tool to industry


Work Package 4 - Joint design for energy absorbing structures

Develop a computational optimisation tool for maximising the energy absorption capacity of industry-relevant mechanically-fastened composite structures and novel composite-to-metal fastener-less joints where the joints are optimised for optimum energy absorption



Work Package 5 - Structural design and optimisation for maximum energy absorption

Exploit the extensive industrial design and large-scale testing expertise and facilities, within the consortium, to provide industry-relevant validation of the developed novel materials, computational tools and optimised energy-absorbing joint strategies.

Develop a multidisciplinary optimisation framework to assess cost and crashworthiness performance implications of various manufacturing processes and process-induced defects.


Work Package 6 - Local training

Ensure that each ESR has a comprehensive local training programme to enable them to carry out their research more efficiently and effectively, and to develop their transferable skills in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, with a comprehensive awareness and appreciation of gender issues and research integrity.


Work Package 7 - Network training

Provide every ESR with a secondment scheme which will expose them to a different sectoral environment to their own


Work Package 8 - Dissemination, public engagement and exploitation

Implement a vibrant and dynamic dissemination strategy, that supports the EU’s open access strategy and indeed supporting the EU plans for a broader picture of Open Science1 for maximising exposure of ICONIC’s research outcomes, in addition to presentations at international conferences, publications in academic journals, website/Facebook/Twitter presence and the hosting of summer schools


All Work Packages prioritise gender equality at all stages of the recruitment, management, training and research programme and counteract any gender-related barriers