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Invited Speakers

General Invited Speakers

Pascal Chabert, France
Global models of microdischarges

Gerard Degrez, Belgium
Plasmas formed at re-entry of space vehicles: modeling gas flows with applications to re-entry flows

David Graves, USA
Fundamentals and new directions in plasma medicine

Milan Hrabovsky, Czech Republic
Plasma aided gasification of biomass, organic waste and plastics

Mark Kushner, USA
Intersection of plasmas, plasmas in liquids and biology

Marco Lima, Brazil
Chemical plasms for pre-treatment of lignocellulosic materials aiming fermentable free sugars: Quest for important cross section data

Zoran Petrovic, Serbia
Kinetic phenomena in charge transport

Masaharu Shiratani, Japan
Micro hollow cathode discharge: Si deposition

Edward Son, Russia
Plasma aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and turbulence

Richard van de Sanden, The Netherlands
Renewable energy storage in chemical fuels for CO2 neutral energy generation: A

new challenge for plasma science

Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Germany
Plasma dynamics and life science

Topical Invited Speakers

Philippe Belenguer, France
Flat lamps

Johannes Berndt, France
Role of negative ions in dust nanoparticles

Hynek Biedermann, Czech Republic
Nanostructured and nanocomposite films deposited by means of gas aggregation cluster source

Wonho Choe, Korea
Atmospheric pressure discharges physics/diagnostics

Paola Diomede, USA
Kinetic modeling of capacitively coupled plasmas

Declan Diver, United Kingdom
Similarity laws in electron positron plasma dynamics

Thomas Gengenbach, Australia
Plasma biomaterials

George Georghiou, Cyprus
Atmospheric plasma simulations

Ed Barnat, USA
Laser-collision induced fluorescence spectroscopy

Felipe Iza, United Kingdom
Atmospheric pressure plasmas: Generation and delivery of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications

Alejandro Luque, Spain
Modeling of electrical discharges in the upper atmosphere: realistic models with altitude-dependent parameters

Tiberiu Minea, Romania
Plasma behaviour in HiPIMS versus conventional magnetron discharges

Javad Mostaghimi, Canada
Thermal sprays

Tony Murphy, Australia
Three-dimensional modelling of the arc and weld pool in arc welding

Sander Nijdam, The Netherlands
Pulsed corona streamers

Sergey Pancheshnyi, France
Dynamic open-access website for collecting, displaying and downloading "ELECtron SCATtering"

Carlos Pintassilgo, Portugal

Modelling of pulsed and afterglow plasmas in air

Svetlana Ratynskaia, Sweden
Effects of submicron dust particles in plasmas

Volker Schulz-von der Gathen, Germany
Structures and operation modes of microplasma discharges

Vikram Shailendra Singh, Denmark
Triboplasma: Generation, charactierization and application for surface modification

Hirotaka Toyoda, Japan
High energy negative particles in sputtering

Sedina Tsikata, France
Turbulence measurements by collective Thomson scattering in cross-field discharges

Xi-Ming Zhu, China
Collisional radiative models and OES diagnostics for gas-mixture discharges

Plasma Sources Science and Technology Special Section

General and Topical papers presented at the 30th ICPIG will be considered for publication as a Special Section in Plasma Sources Science and Technology. Please see instructions in the document below.

Note the deadline for paper submission is Friday 2nd September.

Instructions for authors - Plasma Sources Science and Technology Special Section