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Local Information

Currency in Northern Ireland is the British Pound (£), while the Republic of Ireland and most of continental Europe use the Euro (€). Most shops and restaurants in Northern Ireland accept debit and credit cards.

UK domestic power supply is 240 V at 50 Hz, and the plug is 3-pin, so you will probably need an adaptor.

Although SI metric units are generally adopted in the UK, Imperial units are still widely used.
Distances are measured in miles and road speed limits in miles per hour (mph) (1 mile = 1.6 km).
However, without a doubt the most important Imperial unit is pint (1 pint = 568 ml). We hope that during your visit to Belfast you will all be able to measure it for yourself in any of the many city pubs.

A list of local restaurants and cafes with a map can be downloaded below.

Food near QUB (pdf)
Pubs (pdf)