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The Wednesday (31st August) afternoon (14:00 - 17:30) of the conference is dedicated to two specialised workshops:

  • Plasma nano-fabrication
  • Laser produced plasmas

The workshops run in parallel and the programme includes invited speakers as well as oral contributions selected from the submitted abstracts.

Workshop on Plasma nano-fabrication

Invited speakers

Niall Macgearailt, Intel, Ireland
Challenges of plasma nano-fabrication in the semi-conductor industry

Erik Neyts, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Simulating PECVD growth of carbon nanotubes on the atomic level

Rod Boswell, Australian National University, Australia
Role of plasma ions in controlling nano-crystalline phases in nitrogen-doped TiO2

Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster, UK
Microplasma-induced non-equilibrium liquid chemistry (MiNE-LC): synthesis and surface engineering of nanomaterials

Oral contributions

C. Sarra-Bournet, Toulouse, France
Nanorod formation in an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier Townsend discharge using N2-C2H4-H2

S. L. Girshick, University of Minnesota, USA
RF dusty plasmas in which nanoparticles nucleate and grow: comparison of numerical simulations and experiments

Aleš Marek, HVM Plasma, Czech Republic
Cu nanoclusters prepared by magnetron based gas aggregation technique - effect of magnetic field configuration

Workshop on Laser produced plasmas

Invited speakers

Marco Borghesi, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
High energy ions from laser-matter interactions: state of the art and perspectives for biomedical applications

James Lunney, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Plume dynamics in femtosecond laser ablation of metals
Lutz Huwel, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, USA
Laser induced breakdown through the early to late phases

John Costello, Dublin City University, Ireland
Laser produced XUV and EUV sources

Chris Murphy, University of Oxford, UK
Laser-plasmas as an astrophysical laboratory

Oral contributions

Mario Favre, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Time and space resolved spectroscopic characterization of a laser carbon plasma plume in argon background