Invited Speaker

Professor Caroline Dean

Plenary Lecture

The Organising Committee of IPSAM 2011 is pleased to announce that the Plenary Lecture at this year's Conference will be given by Professor Caroline Dean OBE FRS, entitled: 'Epigenetic regulation of flowering,' in association with Queen’s Gender Initiative.  The talk will be held in the MBC on Tuesday 7 June 2011, 1-2pm.

Professor Dean is a senior scientist at the John Innes Centre, and her lab has worked to uncover the way plants are able to time when they flower.  Many plants, including the important crops like winter wheat, need a prolonged period of cold before they will flower.  This process, which is called vernalization, requires the plant to sense the cold of winter, and also remember it has been through vernalization for the rest of its life.  Professor Dean’s lab has unravelled the complicated genetic and molecular controls that regulate vernalization.

In recognition of her excellence in original scientific research, Professor Dean was elected a member of the USA’s National Academy of Sciences (NAS).  Membership in the NAS is one of the highest honours given to a scientist or engineer in the USA, which makes it an outstanding and well deserved recognition.  We look forward to welcoming Professor Dean to IPSAM 2011.

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