International Students Pre-arrival Guide 2017-18

International Students Post-arrival Handbook 2017-18

Learning activities to prepare you for study in the UK


Welcome and Orientation


Keeping Healthy-Food

Keeping Healthy-Sport

Keeping Healthy-University Health Centre


Studying at Queen's-Learning Development Service

Student Support Services


Health and Welbeing

Protect yourself against meningitis and septicaemia


Learning and Development Service

Approximate Guide to Grade Conversion

Online Resources for International Students

Academic Survival Toolkit

Academic Skills Workshop Programme

Maths Workshops Programme

Using Articles

Essay Writing


Security and Safety

Crime Prevention Personal Safety

How to Avoid Street Crime

Personal Safety Advice for Women

PSNI Student Advice

PSNI Hate Crime Reporting

Queen's University Security Website

Securing your Posessions during Sporting Activities


Student Registry Services

Updating your Personal Details in Self-Service (QSIS)


The British Council Safety Guides

Creating Confidence: Making sure that your time studying in the UK is safe and enjoyable