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Private Sector

We recommend that you rent Queen's accommodation.  Our accommodation is modern, spacious, clean and welcoming.  Our prices are inclusive of bills.  However, should you decide that you do not want to rent Queen's accommodation, you can rent a room in a house in the 'private sector'.  This means you will sign a contract with a landlord and pay your rent to him/her.  This may mean that you have to pay your rent plus additional bills such as electricity and heating.  You must check all of this information before you sign a contract.

Here are some things to think about before agreeing to rent a property in the private sector:

  • Fire safety: is there a fire exit from upper floors? Is there a smoke alarm? Do all doors close properly?
  • Security: do all the outer doors and windows lock properly?
  • General safety: what is the surrounding area like?
  • Furniture: what is included? Is there a fridge/freezer, TV, etc?
  • What costs are included in the rent? Are there extra costs such as maintenance or rates?
  • What kind of heating does the property have? (e.g. gas/oil/Economy7)
  • Are you permitted to install an internet connection/cable or satellite TV?
  • Does the property require any repairs? If so, write down what these are and agree a date for repair in writing with your landlord before signing your contract.

Make sure to read our Student's Guide To Renting a House.

You can start looking for a place to live before you come on the Students' Union Advice Centre website or

Always view a property before you agree to rent it.  Remember that contracts are legally binding. If you would like a trained member of staff to check your rental agreement before you sign it then contact:

Students' Union Advice Centre