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Shopping for home
Shopping for books and stationery
Shopping for food
Where to eat on campus

Belfast has excellent shops where you can buy all the things you will need while you are at Queen's.

Shopping for home

Items you need for your accommodation such as bedding and towels can be bought inexpensively at shops like Ikea, Argos, Primark, Poundstrectcher, Dunelm Mill and B&M.

Shopping for books and stationery

Books and stationery can be bought in Queen's Bookshop, the Students' Union shop, and many other shops in Belfast city centre such as Easons, WH Smith and Waterstones.  Queen's Bookshop will stock specific text books listed on reading lists for many courses, however, it can be less expensive to buy your books second hand.  Check the Students' Union and notice boards at your School for second hand books.  You can also search websites such as Amazon for text books.

You can buy stamps and envelopes at the Students' Union shop or the Post Office.

Shopping for food

It is really important that you eat a healthy diet; it will help you stay well and give you energy.  Food in Northern Ireland may seem strange at first but it is interesting to try new foods.  You can buy a wide range of food stuffs at local supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Co-operative and Marks and Spencer, including fresh fruit and vegetables.  Many of these supermarkets will also have ethnic ranges such as Polish or Kosher foods. 

When you are buying food you can read the label which will show you all the ingredients so you can tell if the food contains anything you are allergic to, or which you choose not to eat.

You can also buy ready-cooked foods at 'takeaways' to take home to eat.  You will find a lot of takeaways which sell Chinese and Indian foods, kebabs, pizza and fish and chips.  However, it is not advisable to eat takeaways regularly as it can be expensive and unhealthy in the long run.

You will naturally miss the foods you would normally eat in your home country, however, there are some smaller shops specialising in Polish, Arabic, Chinese and Indian food, among others.  Many of these shops are close to the University area such as:

Asia Supermarket (Chinese foods)
Lee foods (Japanese foods)
Spicy World (Indian foods)
Tipaza (Halal foods)
Kosher foods
St Georges Market (fresh fruit vegetables and multicultural food)

Where to Eat on Campus


There are lots of cafés and restaurants on campus.  For further information please see Where to Eat at Queen's.

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