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Television Licence

When you live in the UK and you have a television (TV) you MUST buy a TV licence. From 1st September 2016 you must be covered by a TV Licence to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand. This applies to any device and provider you use.
Don’t forget, you still need a TV Licence to watch or record programmes on any channel as they are being shown on TV or live on an online TV service.

For up-to-date cost information and details on the many ways you can pay, please visit the TV Licensing website (

If you do not have a licence you could be taken to court and fined.  If you live in Queen's residences you will not have to buy a TV licence for the TV in your common room as this is covered by your rent.  However, if you want to have your own TV in your bedroom you must buy a separate licence.  If you live in private accommodation you should check with your landlord to see if the TV licence is included in the rent.

Go to the TV Licencing website for more information, including how to pay.