International Student Support

Cost of Attendance

‌Students (or students and their parents) can only borrow up to the full Cost of Attendance (CoA) of their degree programme.

The CoA for your programme at Queen's is calculated on the sum of your tuition fees and estimated living costs for the duration of your programme. Tuition fees for 2017-18 are available here. An allowance for dependants can be included if necessary.

The estimated CoA is shown in GB Pounds Sterling (£) and converted to US Dollars ($) using a fixed rate taken at the beginning of the summer period. This is a fixed rate for the entire academic year, and will not be adjusted should currency exchange rates fluctuate.

An example of a CoA for 2017-18 is shown below. The living costs included are estimates and your costs may be lower depending on your lifestyle. The examples show the maximum amount of loan that we will be able to approve but you can opt to borrow a lower amount.

Once we have received your Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR), we will email you to let you know the maximum amount you can borrow, based on your estimated CoA.

Please note: All students are treated equally and the CoA cannot be increased to support lifestyle decisions.

Cost of Attendance for new Undergraduate (dependent) Student in Humanities in 2017-2018

Cost of Attendance for new Graduate Student in Humanities in 2017-18