Visas - Extending your visa in the UK as a student

Many students will require further time in order to continue their studies in the UK once their entry clearance visa expires. Some students will require extra time to complete their current course of study, while some will want to take up a new course of study once their first course is complete. 

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Options for making a new visa application

1.  Apply for fresh Entry Clearance Tier 4 Visa from home country

If you are returning home for the holidays you may be able to make a visa application from your home country. However, you must not choose this option if it will cause you to miss classes, unless you have the express permission of your School.

  • Cost: £348
  • Complete Tier 4 General Application form (usually online).  Please refer to UKVI website for full information
  • Processing time: around 15 days, but can be longer during busy periods

 2.  Extend your visa from the UK – apply for leave to remain under Tier 4

  • Cost: £475 (print and send application) or £1,085 (premium application)
  • Complete Tier 4 (General) application form online
  • Processing time: about 8 weeks (postal application) or same day decision (premium application)
  • You should submit your completed application to ISS for checking at least 2 weeks before your visa expires
  • QUB ISS will submit your Tier 4 visa application through the Student Batch Scheme
    • This is when we assist you with extending your visa in the UK.  We provide guidance on completing the form and deliver a visa extension workshop that you are expected to attend. We then post your visa application and documents to a specialised team in UKVI and all documents are returned to our Office
  • You can commence or continue studies before you receive a decision on your visa application

Extending a Visa: For students starting a new course 

UKVI state that if your immigration permission (visa) runs out more than 28 days before your next course starts then you need to go back to the country where you normally live, and make an entry clearance application. If commencing a new 2018-19 course at Queen’s, the start date will be Wednesday 12 September 2018, the beginning of our International Welcome and Orientation Programme.  

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

In order to apply for a new visa or extend your new visa, you will require a CAS. For students commencing or continuing studies at QUB, the CAS is assigned by International Student Support. To request a CAS please complete a CAS Request Form and email to Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your CAS to be processed. Once assigned, the CAS statement will be emailed to you and you must use the CAS number and the information contained in the CAS statement to complete the visa application form, and apply for your visa.


Making your application to UKVI

Remember: It is your responsibility to make your application to extend your leave to remain as a student in good time. This means that your application must be received by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) before the date your current visa expires. This applied to all visas sponsored by Queen's.

If you make your application after the expiry date of your visa you will be 'overstaying'. Overstaying is a criminal offence. You will not have any immigration status in the UK and this will affect your right to study and work while you are waiting on a decision about your application. It could also cause you problems for any future immigration applications you make.

When you have completed your application form and prepared the necessary documents you must decide how you will apply.

Preparing your Leave to Remain Application Form

Applying in Person at a Premium Service Centre


  • If you wish to apply for your visa quickly, you can make an appointment at a Premium Service Centre. 
  • You will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number which you can get from International Student Support using a CAS Request Form.  
  • You will have to sign a form agreeing to bring your new immigration documents to International Student Support to allow us to take a copy once your new visa has been granted.
  • Students will normally have a decision on the day of the application and their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) posted to them within 7-10 working days (this is not always the case).
  • You will be able to make your application at the PEO in Belfast.
  • This application will cost you £1,085.00 + travel costs.
  • To make an appointment you can book online .
  • Make a copy of your application and documents and take these with you when you go for your appointment.

The Student Batch Scheme

International Student Support will post your application directly to UKVI under the Student Batch Scheme. The Student Batch Team is based in the UK Visas & Immigration department of the Home Office. Universities send applications to the Batch team to be dealt by UKVI caseworkers who only deal with student applications. UKVI can then contact International Student Support if they have any questions about your application. When your passport and documents have been processed they will be returned to the International Student Support office. To post your form to the Student Batch you must:

  • Ensure that you are submitting your application in good time (before your current visa expires);
  • Ensure that you have not breached the terms and conditions of your student visa (e.g. working more than the hours which are permitted by the conditions of your visa or failing to attend your course or make progress on your course);
  • Obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number which you can get from International Student Support ;
  • Come to a scheduled appointment with an International Student Support Officer to complete payment of application form;
  • Tell International Student Support if you are planning on travelling within the next three months;
  • Be fully aware that the application process usually takes 8 weeks, but can take longer. You should not expect to have your documents returned during this time and should not make any plans to travel outside the UK before your documents have been returned to you.

Terms and Conditions of the Student Batch Scheme


The Student Batch Scheme is run by UK Visas & Immigration to process visa extension applications for students. University staff will post your application to the Batch which is staffed by UKVI caseworkers who specialise in student immigration. If the caseworkers have queries about your application they will telephone International Student Support instead of writing to you, which saves time.

  • Your immigration status is between you and UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI).
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you apply for your new visa before the expiry date of your existing visa.
  • It is illegal for you to remain in the UK without valid leave to remain.
  • It is your responsibility to complete (including signing and dating) your Tier 4 (G) student application form and provide the correct documentation.

The International Student Support Team will:

  • Check your application form and documents subject to your application being received on time;
  • Notify you to come and collect your documents and complete your application correctly should there be any missing information;
  • Keep the photocopies of all your documents in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998;
  • Post your documents to UK Visas & Immigration on time (so long as you have submitted them to us on time) by special/recorded delivery;
  • Liaise with the UK Visas & Immigration caseworker should they have any additional queries;
  • Contact you when your documents have been returned by UK Visas & Immigration;
  • Keep a copy of your new visa.

We will expect you to:

  • Read the information provided by UK Visas & Immigration and by International Student Support before you fill in your application form;
  • Complete and sign the application form;
  • Complete the application form truthfully;
  • Ensure that you have enough money to make your application fee payment;
  • Provide the correct documents;
  • Not book any travel until your passport has been returned to you;
  • Co-operate with us should the UK Visas & Immigration request any additional information or documents.

If you do not submit a correctly completed application form and documents we cannot send them to the Student Batch.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you do this correctly.

Visa Refusals


Sometimes students will have problems which might affect their visa decision. If we know about any previous problems or issues which might affect your visa, we will ensure that you are given as much information as possible about any risk of refusal. We will give you options to help you decide what to do.

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