About Us

Dear All


The QUB LGBT Staff Network is currently inactive. Please be aware that if you wish to join the Network you can still do so and that it can be reconvened at any time. Any suggestions you may have regarding the Network and its future activities should be directed to our e-mail address lgbtq@qub.ac.uk which will remain monitored.


Many thanks for your continued support. 


The QUB LGBT Staff Network

At the Queen's University Belfast LGBT Staff Network we aim to:


  • Provide a positive, supportive, safe and inclusive environment to discuss LGBT issues in the work place, as well as strategize and work toward implementing ways to improve the working/study environment at Queen's.
  • Serve as the visible contact point for LGBT Staff and supporters, and through which the Queen's LGBT staff community consults with the University.
  • Provide an opportunity for informal networking among Queen's LGBT community and supporters at various Schools and Departments throughout the University (including academic and non-academic staff, and postgraduates), as well as liaise with the Student LGBT Society.
  • Represent Queen's LGBT community in external committees, forums and initiatives.
  • Increase the visibility of Queen's LGBT community by encouraging the active participation and attendance of members to both LGBT and non-LGBT events in the community aiming to raise awareness and celebrate diversity.
  • Foster connections to the LGBT community by inviting renowned experts on LGBT issues to speak at Queen's, and thus providing opportunities to establish contacts and collaborations outside the University.


If you wish to join the LGBT Staff Network or require any further information, please contact us at: lgbtq@qub.ac.uk