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Assistance with the Internet


JISC Legal - - Legal Guidance for the use of IT in Education, Research and External Engagement

Staffordshire University: Guide to copyright,, Staffordshire University 

Understanding the 'Net, reading the 'Net, The 'Net some of the issues

Uni of Berkeley - Useful guidance on searching the Web. The following and associated pages are very useful

Email etiquette notes / Email addresses - notes on deciphering them / Internet address - notes on deciphering URLs

JISC report announcement (2008) "Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future": ‘Google Generation’ is a myth, says new research; New report reveals the information needs of the researchers and learners of the future - To find out about the report and access the documents:

NN/g Nielsen Norman Resarch group: varous articles on Web usability and this includes articels by interface expert Jakob Nielsen,  [] -

Citing References

Harvard System of Referencing: Online Guide, including how to include electronic sources in your bibliography - (Anglia Ruskin University)

Tweet: how to cite a tweet:

Vancouver style - advice from Monash University Library:

Quality of information

Useful links on the IT skills pages at Queen's

Barker J, Kupersmith J (2005) Teaching Library Internet Workshops, including Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask [Last Accessed 7 Februrary 2005]

Eysenbach G, Köhler C (2002): How do consumers search for and appraise health information on the world wide web? Qualitative study using focus groups, usability tests, and in-depth interviews, BMJ 2002;324:573-577 (9 March), 

Fox S (2006) "Online Health Search 2006" Pew Internet & American Life Project: [PDF] [Last Accessed 13.11.14]: She found that "Most internet users start at a search engine when looking for health information online. Very few check the source and date of the information they find."

Health on the 'Net "HON's mission is to guide Internet users to reliable understandable accessible and trustworthy sources of medical and health information"

Impicciatore P, Pandolfini C, Casella N, Bonati, (1997) 'Reliability of health information for the public on the World Wide Web: systematic survey of advice on managing fever in children at home.' BMJ 1997 Jun 28;314(7098):1875-9 []. To find this article choose Search/Archive then Look for Browse Archive by Date / by Subject then List of all issues by date: from 1 January 1994

Internet Detective  online tutorial to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly when web searching

The Intute Virtual Training Suite provides free Internet tutorials to help you learn how to get the best from the Web for your education and research:

Pew Internet & American Life Project produces reports that explore the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. Health related reports can be found at

Tillman, H N (1999) "Evaluating Quality on the Net" by the Director of Libraries, Babson College, Babson Park, MA [Last Accessed: 12/12/06 -]

Tang H, Hwee Kwoon Ng, J “Googling for a diagnosis—use of Google as a diagnostic aid: internet based study”, BMJ, Dec 2006; 333: 1143 – 1145

Tweddle S, Avis P, Wright J, Waller T (1998) "Towards Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites", British Journal of Educational Technology, July 1998, volume 29, issue 3 [ the criteria is pretty standard but there are useful medical references on the topic].