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Computer Mediated Communications in Education

Please use the submenu to the right for specifc areas but the links and articles below are useful and please also look at Web 2 and other newer Technologies


Articles and Guides

Barratt M, Millar T and Bristow R (date?) 'Using videoconferencing and collaboration technology to reduce travel and carbon emissions' - the subtitle is helpful to steer you: How the right technology can be a usable alternative to physical travel benefitting administrative, academic and research purposes. Published by the JISC, see Last Accessed 27 April 2014

Brannigan P, Rankin R, Robinson D (2014), 'What is Conferencing - and other issues!', Internal paper, Information services, The Queen's University of Belfast (given out in class)

Ellaway R, Masters K (2008), AMEE Guide 32: e-Learning in medical education Part 1: Learning, teaching and assessment, Vol. 30, No. 5 , Pages 455-473 (doi:10.1080/01421590802108331)

Jackson M, Ganger A C, Bridge P D, Ginsburg K (2005) Wireless Handheld Computers in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum, Volume 10, No 25, Medical Education Online,, [Last Accessed 12 December 2005]

Wegner S B, Holloway, K C (1999) The Effects of Internet-Based Instruction on Student Learning, Volume 3, Issue 2 - November 1999 Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks - available from [Last Accessed 03/2/13]