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Starting points - Technology in education


In this section where a hyperlink is not given for an article, that article will be handed out in class.

Web based resources about technology in teaching and learing...

elearnspace - to start you off on educational methods and theories:; another section gives the Whole Picture of Elearning - [accessed 29 Jan 13]

The Guardian Digital Student - Technology in further and higher education -

Laurillard D (2013) "Learning design for online courses: a webinar with Diana Laurillard", download the PowerPoint from  - the ALT Open Access Repository. Last Accessed 28 April 13 [This webinar demonstrated how teachers can use a new online design tool - the Pedagogical Patterns Collector ( - to share and exchange their good design ideas for teaching online.]

Wiki pages - EduTechWiki is about Educational Technology (instructional technology) and related fields. It is hosted by TECFA - an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva. This wiki is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research, e.g. a note taking tool for researchers; a literature review tool or a writing-to-learn environment for students.


Campbell JK, Johnson C (1999) 'Trend spotting: fashions in medical education', BMJ 1999; 318: 1272-1275 This article examines "what steps can practitioners and academics in medical education take to change a trend into an important step forward in the development of a discipline?" [ Look through archives at ]

Campus Technology [ ]- covers the use of Technology in HE in the USA.

Conole G, Oliver M (1998) 'A pedagogical framework for embedding C&IT into the curriculum' ALT-J, Volume 6 Number 2, 4-16. This is published by the Association for Learning Technology - [given out in class]

Ellaway R, Masters K (2008), AMEE Guide 32: e-Learning in medical education Part 1: Learning, teaching and assessment, Vol. 30, No. 5 , Pages 455-473 (doi:10.1080/01421590802108331)

Greenhalgh T (2001) "Computer assisted learning in undergraduate medical education", BMJ 2001;322:40–4,,  [The author uses Computer assisted learning in a sense that covers most of what we have been covering in this module (CMC, CBL, ...)]

JISC report announcement (2008) "Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future": ‘Google Generation’ is a myth, says new research; New report reveals the information needs of the researchers and learners of the future - To find out about the report and access the documents:

Laurillard D (2002) "Rethinking Teaching for the Knowledge Society", EDUCAUSE Review,Vol 37 No 1, Jan/Feb 2002 - A useful overview by a prominent commentator of where Universities sit or should sit in terms of constructivism and learning technologies. Diana Laurillard was a Pro-Vice Chancellor in the OU and is now based in the HM Government Dept of Education and Skills. [] Click Review then Issue Archives.

Mergel B, Instructional Design & Learning Theory, overview of main theories, strengths and weaknesses, written by graduate student Educational Communications and Technology University of Saskatchewan, [ Last Accessd 26 Jan 10]

Oblinger D G, Hawkins B L (2006) "The Myth about Student Competency", EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 41, no. 2 (March/April 2006): 12–13., Look under Issue Archive.

Whitehead D.E.J., Bray D., Harries M. (2007) "Not just music but medicine. Podcasting surgical procedures in otolaryngology"
Clinical Otolaryngology 32 (1), 3–6 (availble via Queen's library e-journals).


Australian Journal of Educational Technology Please note your can only access back numbers. Last Accessed 13 Jan 10.

Australian Society for Computers in Learning In Tertiary Education (ASCILITE - look under Conferences then for each year the Conference proceedings. This is a rich vein of diverse papers covering a range of issues in information and communications technology (ICT) in teaching and learning.

 The Journal of Educational Technology & Society [] has interesting pieces, some samples are listed below

  • Chen, L.-S., Cheng, Y.-M., Weng, S.-F., Chen, Y.-G., & Lin, C.-H. (2009). Applications of a Time Sequence Mechanism In the
    simulation Cases of a web-based Medical Problem-Based Learning System. Educational Technology & Society, 12 (1), 149–161.
  • Liang, J.-C., & Tsai, C.-C. (2009). The information commitments toward web information among medical students in Taiwan.
    Educational Technology & Society, 12 (1), 162–172.
  • in its issue 2 (2) (April 1999), look under Past Issues. Both present pre- and post-discussion summaries of recent on-line discussions: 'Like tomorrow, the next generation never comes', Moderator & Summarizer: Chris O'Hagan and 'Effective Pedagogies for Managing Collaborative Learning in On-line Learning Environments', Moderator: J. Roger Hartley, Summarizer: Eli Collins-Brown.

Medical Education Online (MEO) -

Online Learning formerly the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN) ISSN 1092-8235 (online) - ISSN 1939-5256 (print) "promotes the development and dissemination of new knowledge at the intersection of pedagogy, emerging technology, policy, and practice in online and blended environments".


Warwick Learning and Development Centre series of E-Learning Guides offer guidance across a range of e-learning topics, from an overview of e-learning technologies and their role in teaching, learning and assessment, to information about funding and suppport available at the University. There are currently 28 e-learning guides organised across 7 themes -

The Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative [] has a very useful site; some examples: a useful leaflet "to assist academic staff in the use of information technology to enhance their teaching" []; an on-line document [] provides a more detailed, in-depth look at the practical issues and concepts relating to using IT in teaching. It worth remembering that the term IT may cover what is now known as C&IT or ICT and this may scope the use of CMC and CBL. The Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative was funded between 1994 and 1999 by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council to promote the use of learning technology and computer based learning materials in Scottish Higer Education. The LTDI web site will continue to provide free access to the resources and publications that LTDI created.


EU - The European Commission has an eLearning intiative - which "seeks to mobilise the educational and cultural communities, as well as the economic and social players in Europe, in order to speed up changes in the education and training systems for Europe's move to a knowledge-based society". [Accessed 29/01/08]

UK Universities - Joint Information Systems Committee "Summary of the JISC Strategy 2010-2012" - The JISC [] [Accessed 27/01/10]