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July 2011

End of year party wine reception in 16 College Green seminar room, just off Botanic Avenue, 6pm Friday 22nd

Pedestrial Acts community-based site-specific arts tour/performances in various locations inc. SARC 11.30am Saturday 30th


Dawn Chorus sound installation by James Nesfield Building/B&W Hall

Past events

A Weekend of Words 7th-10th October 2010

Launch party Queen's Film Theatre foyer Thursday 7th

Romeo and Juliet: What Would You Have Done? Brian Friel Theatre Wednesday 6th - Saturday 9th

Sylvia QFT Friday 8th

Beowulf QFT Saturday 9th

Fast & Loose: Theatre for the Chronically Impatient The Space QUBSU Saturday 8th

8 Mile QFT Sunday 10th

November 2010

On the Rock BFT Friday 26th

February 2011

Devising Opera workshop by Chicago Opera Vanguard South Dining Hall, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th

Queer Identities Weekend

But I'm a Cheerleader QFT Friday 18th

Blue Gate Crossing QFT Saturday 19th

The Suitcase - an Opera Crescent Arts Centre Saturday 19th

Plucked from the Wings: New tit-bits of writing for the stage hosted by TheatreofplucK BFT studio Sunday 20th Download poster

Hedwig and the Angry Inch QFT Sunday 20th

POSH BFT Friday 25th & Saturday 26th

March 2011

Malaysian Night 2011: Back to the Future formal The Space QUBSU Saturday 26th

And of the Son: A Comedy in 3 Acts BFTThursday 31st- Saturday 2nd April

April 2011

MUTE by Sexy Raygun short film screening/reception QFT Saturday 30th

May 2011

CupcakeCamp community/food sharing event The Great Hall Saturday 7th

Hidden Faces music and dance performance BFTSaturday 7th

Let's Be Friends music showcase/performance SARC Friday 20th

Building Herstory community/literary event An Droichead and No Alibis Saturday 21st

OPEN EARS audio-visual performances SARC Saturday 21st

The Water Clock: Tales of Seven Sisters experimental theatre by [in]visible belfast at QFT/BFTFriday 27th

June 2011

Constellations of Belfast [in]visible belfast finale Crescent Arts Centre Sunday 19th

Pedestrial Acts
Pedestrial Acts
Open Ears
Open Ears
Let's be friends
Let's be friends