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The SANDWICH intervention is a quality improvement care bundle with four interrelated and interdependent components. Each component part is essential to the overall intervention, therefore delivering each component is equally important.


The components of the care bundle are:

  • Regular assessment of sedation using the COMFORT Original/ COMFORT B score
  • Twice daily assessment of readiness for a Spontaneous Breathing Trial (Conducting a Spontaneous Breathing Trial if criteria are met)

  • Multidisciplinary ward round daily to discuss

    • Child's sedation score and sedation requirements

    • Set COMFORT Original / COMFORT B target for the shift

    • Result of the rediness for an SBT screen outcome of SBT


To access the SANDWICH Intervention bundle or resources associated with each of the 4 components of the bundle please follow the section links below.

COMFORT & Sedation Titration


Daily Bedside Screening

Bedside Screen

Spontaneous Breathing Trials

Spontaneous Breathing Trials

MDT Ward Rounds

MDT Ward Round