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What is the COMFORT Score?

The COMFORT score is a non-intrusive rating tool validated for quantifying levels of sedation by assessing pain and distress in a variety of PICU patient cohorts. It is quick and easy to perform, consisting of a number of categories each scoring observable behaviour over a two-minute period. Asessing a COMFORT score will help you determine the efficacy of sedation & analgesia delivered.

There is more than one version of the COMFORT sedation assessment tool currently in use in the UK PICU environment. In the SANDWICH  Bundle we provided education and resources on both the COMFORT Original score and COMFORT Behavioural score to allow each unit to utilise either score in their unit as part of the SANDWICH QI Bundle.

If you are introducing COMFORT scoring as a new practice in your PICU we would advocate implementing the COMFORT Behavioural score as this is the latest version of COMFORT. Please see the link below to view a side by side comparison of both versions of the COMFORT score.

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