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Computer Programming

Students opting for modules in computer programming develop programming skills for both creative and technical applications. Using industry standard languages like C, Java, Processing and Python, students learn generalized skills for developing software on a variety of platforms including mobile, embedded and web based applications. At the same time, specialised environments help develop particular expertise in audio and media applications.
At Level 1, all students are introduced to programming through a simple but powerful graphical language called Max/MSP. This has become one of the most important and widely used environments for developing interactive and real-time computer music in the world. Students who choose to continue with programming at Level 2 learn fundamental concepts of procedural and object-oriented programming through a variety of text-based programming languages such as Java, Processing and SuperCollider. These environments are introduced through creative projects such as computer-generated music videos, algorithmic composition and interactive games.


At Level 3, students further their skills in audio software development and can also learn to program embedded devices for Live Performance Systems. The strand culminates in the portfolio double module where students can design and develop advanced functional software systems.

We take a creative approach to programming that not only enables students to use software artistically, but also makes them more flexible, adaptive problem solvers in any context.

Staff Involved

Dr Michael Gurevich