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Sound Engineering

Students opting for modules from the sound engineering strand of the pathway develop a range of practical and creative engineering skills and a critical ear for the objective and subjective assessment of sound quality. The School’s studio facilities provide industry standard hardware and software environments from companies such as Digidesign, Focusrite, Yamaha, Genelec, Neumann, DPA, AKG etc.

At Level 1, all students are introduced to the studio environment and provided with the theoretical context and practical experience of studio operation. Topics covered include analogue and digital mixing console architecture, analogue and digital mixing console operation, signal flow, patchbay design, and technical listening.

At Level 2 students are introduced to microphone and loudspeaker design principles, and complete recording projects utilising stereo microphone techniques and multitrack recording techniques.
In their final year, students can continue to develop their recording skills and gain experience of engineering / mixing for surround sound formats. Additionally students will cover a range of topics focussing on audio recording formats such as analogue and digital tape, optical discs, data reduction techniques and surround sound delivery formats. On completion of these modules a student may opt to complete a 30 minute portfolio of 6-8 recordings utilising a range of contrasting recording techniques.

Click here for an Audio sample of recording work .