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Dr Eric Lyon

Dr Eric Lyon
Lecturer in Computer Music

Tel: +44 28 9097 4726
Office: SARC
Address: School of Creative Arts, SARC, Queen's University Belfast, BT7 1NN
Personal Webpage

Key Roles:
Electroacoustic Composition
Computer Music Software Design

Achievements and Distinctions

Eric is a composer and developer of computer music software. He is a co-developer of FFTease, and developer of the LyonPotpourri MaxMSP objects. His recent compositional output includes works for the Smith Quartet, NeXT Ens., Kathleen Supové, and a trio for flute, clarinet and computer commissioned for the opening of the NOVARS studio complex at Manchester University.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Eric developed many strategies for audio sound processing and algorithmic sound design, with a focus on spectral processors. He regularly releases software that results from his audio and compositional research. In addition to a focus on computer music, Eric composes instrumental music, and more recently, computer chamber music that integrates instrumental and live computer music practice. His instrumental music is heavily influenced by his work in computer music and vice versa.

Featured composer, International Electroacoustic Music Festival at Brooklyn Conservatory. 2007.
Director, Sonorities 2007 Festival of Contemporary Music.
League-ISCM World Music Days Composition Competition, 2004.
Director, Dartmouth Symposium on the Future of Music Software, 2001.

Research Interests

Computer music, algorithmic music, algorithmic sound design, computer chamber music, spatial orchestration, articulated noise, audio software design.

Current Work

Music Director, Cross Dream Traffic
Vriezen Lieder - articulated noise composition for Hexnut
Jovian Whistlers - spatially orchestrated electroacoustic music

Selected Publications

  • Book section written for "The Audio Programming Book". Cambridge: MIT Press. (Thirteen chapters, 240 pages, covering C programming of Max/MSP externals and other issues related to digital audio signal processing and musical algorithms.) In Press, Forthcoming late 2008.
  • A Sample Accurate Triggering System for Pd and MaxMSP," Proceedings of the ICMC, New Orleans, 6 - 11 November, 2006. San Francisco: ICMC, 2006.
  • "Spectral Tuning," Proceedings of the ICMC, Miami, FL, 1-6 November 2004. San Francisco: ICMA, 2004. 375-377.
  • "Spectral Reanimation," Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology, New London, CT, 27 February - 1 March 2003. New London: Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, 2003. 103-105.

Research Grants

Arts Council of Northern Ireland 2007 (for Sonorities)

Future Research

Integration of performance hardware, gesture composition and computer chamber music. STEIM, 2008.
Articulated noise composition. Works for various performing artists, ongoing. 2008.
Spatial Orchestration: various institutions including: SARC, NOVARS, ZKM, UNT, BEAST. 2009.