Education & training

UK-China Science Bridge partners recognise that successful technology transfer requires industry professionals to accept concepts,  familiarise themselves with  technology and equip themselves with the right skills. To achieve this aim, in the coming months Queen's University will develop and deliver a range of training programmes covering relevant topics.

Specific technologies

With a primary focus on technology developed at QUB, the following training activities are planned:

  • Short-term training of leading Chinese professionals in the UK;
  • Short-term visits to China by UK postgraduate students and research engineers to apply technology through field trials;
  • Long-term provision of training to professionals in partnership with project partners from China and the UK;
  • Internet-based training to provide continued and timely support for knowledge transfer activities in China.

Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management at QUB

QUB has a long-standing tradition of providing excellent entrepreneurship and IP training to their graduates with high success in spin-outs and national business plan competitions. Based on this expertise at QUB, the following training activities are planned:

  • Delivery, to Chinese professionals and researchers, of training modules covering 'Enterprise Insight', 'Entrepreneurship' and 'Intellectual Property Management';
  • Offer of Technology Transfer internships to Chinese partners to undergo training at QUB on entrepreneurship.