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Effective use of voice: Free your voice - Find Your Voice

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30 October 2019

23 April 2020


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Research staff


This is a vocal workshop to help you find your natural voice.  Do you want to get the most from your voice?  Do you sometimes feel tension when you most need to rely on your voice? 



1. Welcome, Introduction and Warm-up.  We will look at the mechanics of the voice – the breath, the larynx and the articulators and how they work together to produce the voice.

2. Movements and Stretches Pilates stretches and roll-downs to release the body, allowing it to be free and to find alignment. We will look at posture and breathing – finding a natural ‘sleep’ breath, then developing it into lower abdominal breathing – ‘Open Mouth and Open Body’.

3. Tongue, Teeth and Lips – the Articulators Lots of fun exercises to release any tongue and jaw tension, allowing the natural, resonating voice to flow freely.

4. Filling the Space – Primal Sound and Projection Finding and projecting our most basic, natural sound, in an open, safe way – babies never lose their voices! Trying to reach our audience and not create a barrier between us and them! 

5. Finding Middle Pitch - Does your voice tend to stray too high, or too low? We will look at ways to find the true middle of the voice, without losing the availability of higher and lower pitches to bring colour and interest into your speaking.

6. Vocal Health - Looking at ways to safeguard your voice and keep it healthy.

7. Q&A on any concerns about using your voice

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This workshop will help to free your voice and undo any tension which may be hindering your true, natural voice.  We will focus on abdominal breathing, relaxation, good posture and how we use our bodies to produce our voice.  The workshop will be aimed at academic and research staff who deliver presentations and lectures.  It will be interactive and participative and you should wear loose clothing and bring a towel or rug to lie on.

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