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A waiting list will be compiled for this course via iTrent.  A date will be scheduled if there is sufficient interest.


Content will include:

  • Use everyday signs such as greetings
  • Use signs specific to your workplace
  • Understand the structure of British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Produce and understand fingerspelling

A little sign language can go a long way!

Deafness courses will be facilitated by the RNID ( Employment Training and Skills Service who have a wealth of expertise in the field of deaf and disability awareness.  Courses will be run by a tutor but practical sessions ensure a high level of interaction. 

Aims/Aimed at

This is an introductory course to using BSL (British Sign Language).  This course is a slightly more in depth course than the deaf awareness session for staff.  You should have attended the awareness raising course either this year or in the past.  The one day session aims to improve communication between deaf and hearing staff; and with deaf/hard of hearing customers, students or other people they may come into contact with in their daily work.  The course is taught by trainers who are themselves deaf and experienced BSL users.

Booking Information

Register for a course via Queen's Online: then click on iTrent training link in the list of services for staff

Booking URL: Queen's Online
New Course: No
Course Type(s): Supporting Staff and Students with a Disability
Staff Categories: All Staff
Keywords: Deaf, Deafness, Hearing, Sign Language

Course Contact Details

Name: Staff Training and Development Unit
Telephone: 6590/6601