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Management and Leadership in a Research Role

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13-14 September 2017 


9.30 am - 4.30 pm


Designed for:

Research staff with approximately 4-5 years experience, who have responsibility for managing and mentoring others within the context of their research roles and projects.

This 2-day course is highly participative, practical and focused for staff undertaking research.


Aim:  To develop the audience’s knowledge and skills in management and leadership, with a focus on how to use these skills in a research environment.


Key Aims/Objectives:     

  • Identify the key elements in a management and leadership role within the context of the research environment.
  • Understand the importance of clear communication to the leadership/manager/mentor role.
  • Develop tools and techniques that can be used to plan, control and deliver work with and through the actions of other people.


Practical Transference:  This powerful 2 day programme provides clear insights for learner into their role as a leader.  The programme will make use of real case studies from participants’ own experiences for discussion and review and will draw on peer coaching to embed the skills of coaching for excellent performance conversations.


Pre Work – Participant will complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator online before attending the programme.


Post Programme – Participants will attend 2 ninety minute Action Learning Sets scheduled to take place 3months and 6 months after the programme is complete.  These sets will support and encourage the transfer of learning from the programme to the “real” work environment


Learning Content and Methodology


Defining Leadership

  • The role of the Research Leader in Queens University
  • Leadership v Management  - exploring the differences, similarities and where the research leader falls in this.
  • What defines effective Leadership – are leaders born or made?


Employee Engagement through Leadership

  • Understanding the importance of employee engagement and motivation in today’s turbulent environments
  • Practical Case Study and Peer Coaching work on engaging staff


Personal Awareness & Insights for Leadership

  • Participants will work to identify their personality “type” as seen through the lens of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator


Communicating with the Team

  • The Team meeting as a powerful communication forum – making it meaningful!
  • Does your team meet together?  Does your team think together?


Communicating with Individuals – a Coaching Approach

  • Coaching as a tool to generate excellent conversations and communication with staff
  • Approaching difficult situations and conversations – a construct to deliver feedback and manage a meaningful conversation


“Very well prepared and delivered”


Aims/Aimed at

To develop the audience’s knowledge and skills in management and leadership, with a focus on how to use these skills in a research environment.


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Course Type(s): Effective Researcher Programme, Leadership, Management and Supervisory
Staff Categories: Academic, Academic Related, Research
Keywords: Leadership, Research, Management, Managing, Coaching, Performance management, Team work, Self-awareness, Communication, Motivation, Emotional intelligence

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Name: Organisational Development
Telephone: 5350/5381