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Management and Leadership in a Research Role

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28-29 January 2015

3-4 June 2014


9.30am - 4.30pm


Designed for:

Research staff with approximately 4-5 years experience, who have responsibility for managing and mentoring others within the context of their research roles and projects.

This 2-day course is highly participative, practical and focused for staff undertaking research.



The Research Role

  • Organisational Culture
  • Professional Differentiation
  • Continued Professional Development

Understanding Management and Leadership

  • Understanding Core Competencies
  • Understanding the Benefits
  • Application in a Research Role

Developing your Management and Leadership Style

  • Which Style is the Correct One
  • Creating a Discipline of Delivery
  • Leading Others
  • Co-operation and follow through
  • Working with Reality

Communicating Effectively

  • How we process information
  • How to build rapport
  • How to listen to understand
  • Powerful Questioning

Leading, Developing and Motivating

  • Start by Managing Yourself
  • Understand why People Work Positively
  • The Legal Contract and the 'Psychological Contact'
  • Leading and Managing Diverse Personality Types
  • Understanding Motivation and how to use it

Giving Professional Support and Feedback

  • Giving Effective Feedback - Positive feedback, Critical Feedback
  • The GROW Coaching Model
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Perception and Self Awareness
  • Working with Beliefs and Negative Beliefs
  • Understanding and Managing Stress


"Very well prepared and delivered"

Aims/Aimed at


To develop attendees' knowledge and skills in management and leadership, with a focus on how to use these skills in a research environment.

This powerful 2-day programme provides clear insights for learners into their role as a leader.



  • You will gain an understanding of the role of the manager and the leader and examine both the similarities and differences between the two
  • You will complete a personal diagnostic which will provide insights to your own leadership style and approach
  • Exploration of Followers or team members and what inspires them
  • Review of real life QUB situations and leadership challenges
  • Shared experiences and learning with your peer group
  • Practical application of leadership tools including a live coaching experience

This programme also includes a number of follow-up sessions through which participants will be able to meet and discuss issues from their own workplace.  These action learning groups provide an opportunity for participants to continue and deepen their learning through discussions with their peers on their chosen topics.

They are not advice sessions, but rather they are based on critical, but supportive questioning and the generation of ideas and actions to address the issues and topics discussed.

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New Course: No
Course Type(s): Effective Researcher Programme, Leadership, Management and Supervisory
Staff Categories: Academic, Academic Related, Research
Keywords: Leadership, Research, Management, Managing, Coaching, Performance management, Team work, Self-awareness, Communication, Motivation, Emotional intelligence

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Name: Staff Training and Development Unit
Telephone: 6590/6601