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Preparing and Giving Lectures, theory and practice

Event Description

16 participants maximum

The major focus of Part 1 will be preparing lectures.  Part 2 will focus on the giving the lecture.  The workshops will include input from the tutor as well as opportunities for discussion and developing skills.

Content Part 1:

  • A model for preparing lectures;
  • Exploration of different ways in which lectures can be structured;
  • Consideration of  how the structure of lectures might change as students progress through a programme;
  • Examination of how processes to encourage student participation might be incorporated into a lecture;
  • Opportunities to reflect upon the appropriate time to spend on preparation.

Part 2 Content:

  • A model for creating a context which facilitates student learning and minimises disruptive challenges to the lecturer;
  • Some tips on how to project a sense of presence in the lecture theatre;
  • The importance of how the lecture begins and the approaches which facilitate student engagement;
  • Managing student participation in the lecture;
  • Strategies for preparing self to give a lecture.


Aims/Aimed at

Designed for:  Academic staff, research staff, teaching assistants


  • To explore methods of planning, preparing and organising lectures for groups of various sizes;
  • To discuss and develop effective communication strategies for lecturing;
  • To discuss and develop the skills necessary for the effective management of the teaching/learning environment;
  • To develop an awareness of student learning within a lecture context.


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Registration is via Queen’s Online (In the navigation under My Services, select Other then Training Courses).

Booking URL: Queen’s Online
New Course: Yes
Course Type(s): Teaching and/or Supporting Student Learning
Staff Categories: Academic, Research
Keywords: Teaching, Student Learning, Preparing Lectures, Giving Lectures, Tips on Lecturing, Theory of Lecturing

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Name: Centre for Educational Development
Telephone: 028 9097 1447