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Proposed Rule Change

This rule change is to be discussed at the comming AGM on Wednesday 29 June. This change relates to introducing a new category (number 8) under constituency committee members 

Update your details

UCU membership team are continuing to actively update the union’s membership records. This necessary process will ensure the data we hold is as accurate as possible and will also enable members who are eligible to vote in the pay ballot. To assist this process, please access your membership record online https://members.ucu.org.uk/ and check your workplace and contact details are correct. To register for first use, you will need your membership number and email address we hold for you. Requests for lost membership numbers can be made to the membership team at membership@ucu.org.uk or 020 7756 2567.

Survey on the New Academic Standards

Report of Queen’s UCU Survey of the Views of QUB Academic Staff on the New Academic Standards. download (.pdf)