Queen's UCU


July 2016 

  • Government Statement on HE and Research
  • The Implications of Brexit for QUB‏
  • Queen’s UCU Ballot Result
  • Your New UCU Committee
  • UCU Subscriptions
  • UCU Workload Survey 2016
  • EU Exit and the Predicable Certainties

June 2016 

  • Annual General Meeting of Queen’s UCU
  • Election of Officers of Queen’s UCU
  • General Members of the UCU Committee
  • Lobby and Leafletting
  • Receiving Your Newsletter

May 2016 

  • Strike on 25th and 26th May
  • Come to Hear our General Secretary
  • What You Should Do on Strike Days
  • Action Short of a Strike
  • Academic Standards and The Size and Shape Review
  • Student Protests and the Student Referendum
  • White Paper on Higher Education Released
  • Staff Survey – Now Management Play Your Part
  • Election of a Support Staff Representative on Senate
  • AGM and Call for Nominations Wednesday 29th June at 1.05 p.m. in Room 01/052 Lanyon South

April 2016 

  • Now Management are on Probation!
  • Senate - Unanimously Uncomfortable
  • Save Our Schools
  • The Implications of ABB A-Levels
  • Research Income Targets
  • Staff Survey – Play Your Part
  • UCU Course – Voice Care for Educators
  • Vote in the Pay Ballot

March 2016 

  • Institutional Size and Shape Review
  • “How to Lie with Statistics”
  • Trust, Integrity and Positive Attitude
  • University Governance in Scotland is Strengthened: Northern Ireland next?
  • The 2016 Pay Claim
  • Your Take-home Pay Will Drop
  • Your Mailing Address
  • Contacting UCU at Queen’s
  • Queen’s UCU Rule Changes
  • The Unlawful Pay Deduction for the 2-hour Strikes
  • Lobby of Senate on 12 April
  • UCU Special General Meeting Thursday 7 April at 1.00 p.m. in Room 01/052, Lanyon South

February 2016 

  • Research Income Targets and the Funding Available
  • Searching for Core Values
  • USS Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) Changes – April 2016
  • Open Meeting for Fixed-term or Hourly-paid Staff
  • UCU General Meeting

January 2016 

  • Resounding Widespread Objection to Changes in Probation Requirements
  • A Probation Case: Grotesque, Unprecedented, Bizarre and Unbelievable
  • Research Income Targets are Too Simplistic
  • Teaching Excellence Framework
  • Summary of UCU Response to Green Paper
  • Changes in Queen’s UCU