Internal Staff Mediation Service

At Queen’s University we seek to ensure all individuals are treated fairly and with “dignity and respect” (Equality and Diversity Policy). This commitment applies to everyone who works in the University.

The University has introduced an Internal Staff Mediation Service to provide an informal way of quickly and effectively resolving conflict within the work place and further embedding a positive organisational culture. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, facilitated by an impartial third party (Internal Mediators) which staff can access as required. A group of employees, who are representative of all staff catogories within the University, have completed an accredited training course which has equipped them with mediation skills and strategies they need to successfully mediate in the workplace.

To request mediation an email should be sent to One of the mediation coordinators will make contact and if the circumstances are deemed suitable for mediation, the coordinator will appoint suitable mediator(s) who progress the arrangements liaising directly with the participants.

It is expected that the mediation process can be completed in one day.

The Process:

  1. Separate Meeting: The mediator(s) will meet parties separately. The aim of this first meeting is to allow each individual involved to tell their story and find out what they want out of the process.
  2. Joint Meeting: The mediator brings the parties together and they both offer their account of the situation uninterrupted. They will then, guided by the mediator, explore the issues and then come up with an agreement on how to move forward.

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