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2015 Fractured Narratives

2014 Remembering & Forgetting

2013 Beyond Soundscape

2012 Concerts and symposium with the theme of The Body’s Music, exploring the body’s relations to musical instruments, its connection and dis-connections with technological devices.

2011 Concerts curated by composers in the School of Music and Sonic Arts Featuring Frances Lynch, Felipe Otondo, Chris Mercer, Xinh-Xo Nguyen, School Alumni...

2010 sounding/the/net COMeDia Showcase, The Hub, Evan Parker, Carin Levine

2009 Ulster Orchestra, Trio Scorditura, POW Ensemble


2007 Miguel Azguime, The Smith Quartet, Ensemble Recherche, Akihiro Kubota LapTop Jazz Quartet , Mark Applebaum, George Lewis and Barry Guy... Symposium Two Thousand + 7

2006 Fred Frith, Anthony Braxton, Chris Cutler, FURT, Stefan Östersjö, Carlos Zingaro, Telectu, sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ, Sensors Sonics Sights, Christian Calon, Gareth Davis, Spectral Voices... Symposium Two Thousand + 6

2005 Luc Ferrari, Franz Zappa, Ensemble Proxima Centauri, Ed Osborn, Renzo Spiteri, Frances Lynch, UNFAIR, John Kenny, Maki Namekawa...

2004 Opening of the Sonic Arts Research Centre: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Cort Lippe, Natasha Barrett, Pedro Carneiro, Denis Smalley, Simon Emmerson, Jonty Harrison...

2003 Music from Australasia: Dan Poynton, Kazimierz Dawidek, Alan Banks, Gordon Kerry, Neil Foster, Lontano, Ulster Orchestra

2002 Rolf Hind, Quarks Ensemble, Singcircle, Trio Medieval, Steve Halfyard, Colin Currie

2001 Sonic Arts Network Conference, Robert Normandeau, BT Scottish Ensemble, Wired Ensemble, Crash Ensemble, Jonathan Impett, phylosophiae naturalis, Andrew Zolinsky, Darragh Morgan, Pedro Carneiro, Icebreaker, National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, Eleanor Dawson and Jane Chapman, Paul Dunmall, Alistar McDonald and Jo Hyde

2000 Poeme Symphonique, Joanna Macgregor, Kokomo Manifesto, Darragh Morgan and Dominic Saunders, Brian Irvine Ensemble

1999 London Sinfonietta, Johnathan Harvey (60th Birthday celebrations), Jonny Axelsson, National Chamber Choir of Ireland, Irish Chamber Orchestra, Brian Irvine Ensemble, Kevin Volans, Jonty Harrison, Fergus Johnston, Ensemble Bash, Alison Wells and Martyn Parry


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Artistic Directors: Michael Alcorn (May events) & Franziska Schroeder (November festival)

Technical Director: Craig Jackson


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