Tuesday 3rd May
13:15 Open Fader .5 SARC    
19:30 UNFAIR SARC    
    Open Fader .5
    João Pedro Oliveira - Et Ignis Involvens [World Premiere]
    Martin Franklin + Lee Adams - Bindu Point Telecommunication with the mythic present
    Albert Ortega - Village Array
    Venue: SARC
Admission : £6/£4
  Download mp3 | mov
This event premieres the multi-channel work Et Ignis Involvens by Portuguese composer João Pedro Oliveira, developed during a residency at Keele University ( Visiting Arts and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation's Portuguese Performing Arts Awards) .

Martin Franklin creates an environment for human performance, setting in motion generative audio and chaos driven video feedback.

Albert Ortega's work gravitates towards sounds that are familiar yet unusual in their trajectory. A great effort is made to avoid standardised speaker set-ups in favor of a mild state of disarray where sounds drift away from their sources in the most unusual ways.
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    UNFAIR [UK/Irish Premiere]
    Michaela Schwentner, Dietmar Bruckmayr, Michael Strohmann
    Venue: SARC
Admission : £10/£6
    Download mp3
The Austrian trio performs the project UNFAIR combining real-time audio and video. The voice of extreme vocalist and performance artist Dietmar Bruckmayr is the source for sound and image manipulation set against the use of popular music and video elements in an experimental context.  
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