Wednesday 27th April
11:00 Talking Composers: Christophe Havel SARC    
13:15 Open Fader .1 SARC    
17:00 Talking Composers: Ed Osborn Harty Room    
19:45 Ulster Orchestra: BBC Invitation Concert Ulster Hall    
22:00 Sebastian Castagna: Cinco miradas sobre Buenos SARC    
  Talking Composers: Christophe Havel
  The Air-percussion: a new electronic instrument for The Metamorphoses Project
    Venue: SARC
Admission : FREE

The Metamorphoses research project was founded by Havel in 2000 and investigates the process of composition for chamber music performers and technology. In the context of this work, SCRIME (LaBRI, University of Bordeaux 1) developed a scientific research project for the recognition of a percussionist's gestures. An air-percussion device was implemented from the results of this work. This includes a system of sensors connected to a computer which analyses the gestures of the percussionist, a system of graphic edition of the instruments and visualisation of the trajectories of the strokes, and modules of sound synthesis.

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  Open Fader .1
Frank Ekeberg - dis(integration)
Wojciech Kosma - Funnel [UK/Irish Premiere]
Ian Stewart - Escape Artist
Antonin De Bemels and Gordon Delap - Light Body Corpuscles [UK/Irish Premiere]
Daniel Barreiro - un(folding)
    Venue: SARC
Admission : £6/£4
    Download mp3 | mp3

This programme presents electroacoustic and video works from Norway, Poland, Canada, Belgium, UK and Brazil. In Antonin De Bemels' and Gordon Delap's new work, first we see indefinable sparkles dancing frantically before our eyes. Then, gradually, these abstract sparks reveal themselves as glimpses of skin moving through crossed rays of light. Eventually, from a cloud of frenzied points of light, the shape of a human body emerges.

Composer and video-artist Wojciech Kosma performs Funnel , a real-time audio-visual instrument programmed in Max/MSP/Jitter.

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    Talking Composers: Ed Osborn
    Working with Sound
    Venue : SARC
Admission : FREE

Ed Osborn is a media artist who has performed, exhibited, lectured, and held residencies internationally. His artworks take many forms including installation, video, sculpture, and performance. They demonstrate a visceral sense of space, aurality, and motion combined with a precise economy of materials. Ranging from rumbling fans and sounding train sets to squirming music boxes and delicate feedback networks, Osborn's pieces function as living systems that are by turns playful and oblique, engaging and enigmatic.

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      Ulster Orchestra: BBC Invitation Concert
      Philippe Nahon, conductor
      Ed Bennett - New work (BBC Radio 3 commission) [World Premiere]
      Ricardo Climent - Sons étouffés [UK/Irish Premiere]
      Luc Ferrari - En un tournament d'amour
    Venue : Ulster Hall
Admission : Complimentary Ticket
Philippe Nahon has premiered a large number of works by Luc Ferrari and is one of France's leading conductors of new music. He has been the artistic director of ensemble Ars Nova since 1987, a group which is dedicated to provoking encounters between different musical practices, theatre and circus.

Ricardo Climent's Sons étouffés explores the possibilities of integrating abrupt sonorities gestures and rhythms, with organic fluid and arpeggiated sound-worlds. Without solving this musical conflict in depth, it offers possible strategies of convergence and resistance at the structural and sonic levels through sound experimentation at both micro and macro levels.

In Luc Ferrari's En un tournament d'amour love is turned into torment. The work is characterised by repeated ideas which are never presented in quite the same way.    The musical ideas stem from previous works, such as the great symphonic continuities of Cellule 75, and the fragmentation processes in Collection de petites pieces . This composition is a large-scale form made from discontinuities.

This is a rare opportunity to hear the extraordinary orchestral work by one of the most controversial electronic music pioneers.

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  Cinco Miradas Sobre Buenos Aires [World Premiere]
    Venue : SARC
Admission : £6/£4

In the audiovisual piece Cinco Miradas Sobre Buenos Aires the composer Sebastian Castagna joins forces with the ensemble Proxima Centauri, the filmmaker Daniel Böhm and the dancer Luciana Vainer to explore and recreate musical material derived from a variety of Argentine popular musical sources.   The aim of this project is to look at a wide range of popular expressions from conventional practices, to marginal musical styles that embrace powerful and unusual identities. Castagna is particularly interested in musical expressions that are considered to be marginal. For example the tango, which emerged in the Buenos Aires suburbs. Such marginalisation is still the case with a large number of popular music expressions.

Cinco Miradas Sobre Buenos Aires is the result of an exploration of some of these popular practices in both the sonic and visual fields.   The work unites sound and image, instrumental and live electronics techniques.

Sebastian Castagna is a composer-in-residence at SARC.


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