Friday 29th April

Sonorities @ The Cathedral Quarter: A day of events in the Cathedral Quarter and Belfast City Centre, in collaboration with the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.

11:30 Fruit Music @ The Market St.George's Market    
13:15 Auto-Route#2: The Lagan Boat Tour Donegal Quay    
16:00 Opening: Ed Osborn's Cline Series Place    
18:45 primitiveFailed: Orchestral Pre-Mix Ulster Hall    
19:45 Ulster Orchestra: Dog Breath Variations, The Music of Frank Zappa Ulster Hall    
22:00 Club Night The Front Page Bar    

Fruit Music @ The Market [World Premiere]

    Venue: St. George's Market
Admission : FREE

Let your senses mix... An improvisation facilitated by Franziska Schroeder

Banana Music

Apple Music

Orange Music

Kiwi Music .

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    Auto-Route#2: The Lagan Boat Tour [World Premiere]
    Venue: Donegal Quay
Admission : £6/£5 (Places limited to 40)
    Download mp3 | mp3
See Belfast from its river and hear it as never before!

Auto-Route#2 by Martin Parker (operated by Tom Davis) has been engineered to work with a voice in noisy environments. The system strips silence out of sentences and stores the remaining sound in a database.   These words are then re-sequenced automatically to create a new sentences and new meanings, while the punctuated silences are modified to create a spontaneous, rhythmic background.

Departing from Donegal Quay beside the Lagan Lookout at the Lagan Weir.

Tickets can be obtained from
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    Opening: Ed Osborn's Cline Series Installation
    Venue: PLACE Built Environment Centre
Admission : FREE
This is the opening of the Cline Series installation which runs until the 4 th May at the PLACE Built Environment Center.

The Cline Series is a composition designed specifically for a set of custom-designed metal loudspeaker-objects that exhibit variations in shape and contour. Organic in appearance, the objects contain multiple permutations of simple visual forms. The title comes from a biological term that refers to the graded sequence of differences within a species, and the Cline Series uses this concept as its launching point. This installation reflects on the relationship between the built environment and sound. The work introduces acoustic sources as architectural objects in an exploration of a sense of place through sound.

Opening Hours: 28 th April - 4 th May
Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday/Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm
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      primitiveFailed: Orchestral Pre-Mix [World Premiere]
    Venue : Ulster Hall
Admission : FREE
The technological fragmentation of Frank Zappa's orchestral music primitiveFailed (Henry Vega and Jason Dixon) is the trio project inspired by the Million Dollar Man. Part man, part machine, this group performs on an instrument controlled by everybody and by nobody in particular, each member being at any time a hub or a node on the meta instrument. Highly connected networks of sound are created and destroyed in an instant at the whimsy of The Button.
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      Dog Breath Variations: The Music of Frank Zappa
      Ulster Orchestra: BBC Invitation concert

Philippe Nahon, Conductor

    Venue : Ulster Hall
Admission : Compimentary ticket
Frank Zappa was the 'father of invention' - one of the most individual, accomplished and provocative composers that rock music has produced. But he was as at home with the music of the avant-garde, such as Varèse and Stockhausen, as he was with rock-and-roll. Zappa's orchestral music has been recorded by such luminaries as Pierre Boulez, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ensemble Modern.

This is a unique opportunity to hear the Ulster Orchestra perform music by one of American music's true originals!

Programme includes:
Dog Breath Variations
The Perfect Stranger
Naval aviation in Art?  
Dupree's Paradise   
Be-Bop Tango    
Get Whitey  
Outrage at Valdez   
G-Spot Tornado  
Revised Music for Low Budget Orchestra

Admission for BBC concerts is by complimentary ticket. To apply for tickets and for further information please contact:

By phone: BBC Northern Ireland Ticket Line: 0870 - 333 1918
Textphone: 08000 153350
My mail: BBC Ticket Unit (concerts): Broadcasting House, Ormeau
Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HQ

Or log on to:

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    Club Night
    A night of extreme audio-vision from around the world.
    8GG - Unregistered [UK/Irish Premiere]
    Martin Stig Andersen - Ring Road (A141)
    Parker/Raffaseder/Hörbst - staTdT_kunst_Belfast [World Premiere]
    Venue :The Front Page Bar
Admission : £10/£6
    Download mov
Unregistered is an audio-visual performance system created by Chinese multimedia art group, 8GG. Real-time images are reconstructed through music, and at the same time, remodeled images produce new sounds.

Lietterschpich is an eight-piece noise band from Israel, which manages to fuse an experimental sonic approach with a witty, energetic and campy live show. While they draw influences from specific music sub-cultures such as Metal, Industrial, Punk and Hard-Core, without ever really being pulled into mere genreisms, their sound remains rich and unconventional, with thick, uncontrolled textures.
staTdT_kunst_Belfast by the Austrian/UK trio Parker/Raffaseder/Hörbst proposes two different meanings: "statt Kunst" (instead of art) deals with the role and significance of contemporary art in our society, while "stadt kunst" (city art) uses sounds, pictures and videos sourced in the city of Belfast as basic material for a multimedia art project.

Tickets can be obtained from or purchased at the door.
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