Saturday 30th April
12:00 Open Fader .2 SARC    
13:15 Ulrich Mitzlaff & Miguel Pereira SARC    
15:00 DJ Workshop with Chris Wheeler SARC    
15:30 Scary Voices Harty Room    
17:00 Talking Composers: Eran Sachs SARC    
19:30 Luc Ferrari - Sons Mémorisés SARC    

Poemes Electroniques

    Open Fader .2
    Eduardo Reck Miranda - Robotapithecos
    Scott Krejci - Crunch and Slide
    Eric Lyon - Liberation #1 [UK/Irish Premiere]
    Annette Vande Gorne - Figures d'espace
    Jason Geistweidt - A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis...
    Venue : SARC
Admission : £6/£4
  Download mp3 | mp3
This programme includes the winning piece from the Electronic Music Sweden (EMS) Text-Sound Composition Prize for 2005 - Jason Geistweidt's A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis... The programme also includes electroacoustic works from Brazil, Belgium and the US.      
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    Ulrich Mitzlaff & Miguel Pereira [UK/Irish Premiere]
Cello, Bass and Electronics
    Venue : SARC
Admission : £6/£4
    Download mp3
The cellist Ulrich Mitzlaff, and the double bassist Miguel Leiria Pereira present a free improvisation musical moment in which the language and aesthetics draws inspiration from ideas explored by several 20th century composers. Besides these idiomatic references, the duo also explores a more introspective, and non-idiomatic sound world, resulting in a music that is fruit of images and musical form discussion. The process can be described as a kind of real-time composition, where the exploration of timbre, dynamics, and expressivity are issues on focus.
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    DJ Workshop with Chris Wheeler

Learning the art of turntabling...

    Venue: SARC
Admission : FREE
Whilst still a student, Wheeler began to develop a career as one of London's hottest young DJs, working in a wide variety of clubs, his work in this field is highly individual as shown by his current project, Heritage . This event, at one of London's most outstanding venues, Cargo , is about showcasing the latest mix of live music and club representations, bringing together cutting edge artists from different factions (Producers, DJs, Composers, String Quintets, VJs, Big Bands) and making the club environment the link between opposing music scenes.

Chris Wheeler is the electronic counterpart in the duo with John Kenny performing tonight at 22:00.
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      Scary Voices
      Children's Workshop with Frances Lynch
      Noise & Nonsense for 8 - 11 year olds
    Venue : Harty Room
Admission : FREE
This is your chance to help compose and record a new piece of music for voices to be played at the "SHE - Transformations" concert, Sonorities, Sunday May 1st. You don't need any experience - just bring your voice & get ready to make sounds we haven't thought of yet! If you know any stories or songs, or have some great pictures of females who can change their shape (witches, mermaids, SHE snakes, SHE dragons, etc...) then bring them too... Expect the unexpected!
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      Talking Composers: Eran Sachs
      Tracing Undercurrents: Experimental Sound Art between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv
    Venue :SARC
Admission : FREE
Eran Sachs surveys sub-currents in Israeli's experimental music, seen within the context of the influence of the country's political situation and wider patterns in Israel's alternative culture.
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    Luc Ferrari - Sons Mémorisés
    Presque rien Nr. 4 - la remontée du village
    Presque rien avec filles
    Saliceburry cocktail [UK/Irish Premiere]
    Venue :SARC
Admission : £10/£6
A rare glimpse into the world of Sons Mémorisés of Luc Ferrari in the unique sound system of SARC's Sonic Laboratory.

"As early as his first works, the composer introduced into his musical invention two almost unexplored universes, allowing him to reach each listener intimately: new technologies and a certain idea of psychoanalysis. Thus his reflections on the body -social and human - and on sex constitute a "truly philosophical act" that he treats, not as a philosopher, but as a playful and ironical musician." (Frank Langlois)

Luc Ferrari was born in Paris in 1929. What about this for a first sentence? First, 1929... He wrote several autobiographies, with falsified data. Writing drives him mad, you should never ask him about that! When he didn't dare to make himself younger, he would make himself older. So there is a lot of false data going around, which he used to enjoyed. Now he doesn't enjoy it so much. Next: born in Paris. Born in Paris? he questions himself... What if he'd been born in his father's small village in Corsica? What if he'd been born in Marseille, where his mother grew up? He wonders what he would have become if he'd been born in Italy, the land of his grandparents. He does not have answers to all these questions...
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    Poemes Electroniques
    John Kenny: alto, tenor & bass trombones, carnyx, alphorn, conch, gourd trumpet
    Chris Wheeler: sound projection, turntabling
    Venue : SARC
Admission : £6/£4
John Kenny - Doric
Morris Pert - Ankh
Vivian Barty-Taylor - Tekhatoa

From 1980 to 2004, John Kenny performed internationally as a duo with the legendary sound designer John Whiting (of Electric Phoenix fame). In March 2004, after a final tour together throughout Ireland, with the Vanbrugh String Quartet, John Whiting retired - at the age of 73. Over the previous three years, Christopher Wheeler had frequently gone out on the road as assistant to John Whiting, and acted as recording producer for John Kenny. From April 2004, Kenny invited Chris Wheeler to join him as a duo, not only to preserve the repertoire established over so many years, but more importantly to develop an entirely new repertoire. Wheeler is not only a superb sound projectionist - he is also a fine trombonist and composer, and is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the UK's most exciting and adventurous DJs. Kenny and Wheeler made their debut as a duo in July 2004 at the Arctic Trombone Festival in Tromso, Norway, giving the world premier of Ankh by Morris Pert.
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