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Monday, April 23rd
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  Sunday, April 22nd

Open Fader : SARC Electro 13:10h @ Sonic Lab

Weit und Breit

Obscured By Words


Quintuple Escapement

The S Word

  Thomas Gerwin

Tullis Rennie

Marc Ainger

William Kleinsasser

Sarah O'Halloran & Robin Price


Mark Applebaum : 19:30h @ Sonic Lab

Intellectual Property
disklavier and improvising pianist

48 Objects
Wristwatch: Geology
Wristwatch: Meridian
for 16 players from the Pedro Rebelo Belfast Improvisation Freak- Out Orchestra

Variations on Variations on a Theme By Mozart
4-channel tape

Mouseketier Praxis
for mouseketier electroacoustic sound-sculpture and live electronics

for live instrumentalists, 8-channel tape, and diffusion artist


for 8-channel tape