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Monday, April 23rd
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  Monday, April 23rd

Open Fader : Industrial 13:10h @ Sonic Lab


t 1


Schlesingers Forge

I'll be there in ten minutes

Contrabandistas de jeans furiosos ate as narinas

  Giuseppe Torre

Tae Hong Park

Paula Matthusen

Gordon Delap

Tony Higgins

Henrique Iwao


Open Fader : Carte Blanche 17:00h @ Sonic Lab

Anima Machina




a bordo

  Diana Simpson

Felipe Otondo

Jo Thomas

Alo Allik

Duo Juum


Ulster Orchestra 19:30h @ Whitla Hall


Cello Concerto

Minotaur Games

  Ian White

Kevin Volans

Simon Holt


Open Fader : Ambient 22:00h @ Sonic Lab

Macro Structure 2

Vespers 1.0 from chaos to order

Chiba Dreams

Music for 1 Channel

A la feminisca' Berio Remix 2


Wounded Breath

  Hubert Howe

Benoit Joel Herve Granier

Mathew Adkins

Simon Mawhinney

Mitch Turner

George Brunner

Erdem Helvacioglu