4th-7th November 2010

Sonic Arts Research Centre
School of Music and Sonic Arts
Queen's University Belfast

The Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music has the pleasure of announcing the Call them Improvisors collective who will be performing on the 7th Nov. 2010 at 6pm at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

Mark Trayle (electronics), Gascia Ouzounian (Violin), Chris Brown (Piano), Paul Stapleton (Percussion), Dan Goren (Trumpet), Don Nichols (Percussion), Sminon Rose (Sax), Gustavo Aguilar (Percussion), Han Earl Park (Guitar), Ulrich Mitzlaff (Cello)< Tasos Stamou (Zither), Dominic Lash (Double Bass), Christopher Williams (Bass), Nuno Rebelo (Guitar), Richard Scott (Synth), Stephen Davis (Drums), Pedro Rebelo (Piano), Justin Yang (Sax) and Franziska Schroeder (Sax).

Open Call (Please note the call is now closed)

The Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music invites applications for participation in an improvised music collective directed by Evan Parker. Performers from across all experimental and new music practices are encouraged to apply by sending a recording that demonstrates their practice in improvised music along with a short bio.

Selected applicants will perform in a workshop and concert directed by Evan Parker on the 7th of November 2010. Once a collective is established, participants will be encouraged to create internal networks of collaboration during the months preceding the event by proposing duos, trios and small ensemble configurations. Each selected performer will receive a bursary of £400 to cover expenses.

Deadline: 13th August 2010
Submission Guidelines:
Please submit a recorded example (minimum 3 minutes, solo or in an ensemble) through and include a short bio in the description field indicating instrument and any technical requirements. If you wish you can make your files private and only accessible by
Alternatively you can send a CD with the audio file and short bio (Word Doc or PDF) to the following address.


Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music
Call Them Improvisors
Sonic Arts Research Centre
School of Music and Sonic Arts
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN

Sonorities Festival Artistic Director: Pedro Rebelo
Call Them Improvisors! Co-ordinator: Steve Davis
Email Contact:

For the Two Thousand + TEN symposium call for papers addressing improvisation across disciplines, see:
The 2010 edition of Sonorities - sounding/the/net celebrates artistic collaboration by showcasing new work developed in the context of the Comedia Culture 2007 European project.


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