Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music


4th-7th November 2010



Listen the following events live (UK Time):

Thursday 4 November - 19:30


Sonic Arts Research Centre


European Bridges Ensemble:

Adam Siska; 185 

John Cage/Georg Hajdu: Radio Music

Fredrik Olofsson: the choir, the chaos

Johannes Kretz: Aria

Johannes Kretz: Encore


Adagio pour l'absence - Patricia Alessandrini


Performed by Franziska Schroeder and Steven Davis (Belfast), Clemens Frhstck, Elisabeth Harnik and Summerer Reinhard (Graz), and Carola Schaal, Stefen Weinzierl and Turo Grolimund (Hamburg).



Packet Loss: A solo-duet for Keyboard, Network, and Disklavier - Rob King (Visuals), Pierre Proske (Piano, Digital Audio)


The European Bridges Ensemble is an Internet and network music performance group composed of five performers: Kai Niggemann (Mnster, Germany), dm Siska (Budapest, Hungary), Johannes Kretz (Vienna, Austria), Andrea Szigetvri (Dunakeszi, Hungary), Ivana Ognjanović (Belgrade, Serbia), the conductor and software designer Georg Hajdu (Hamburg, Germany), and video artist Stewart Collinson (Lincoln, England). Using the term bridges as a metaphor, the Ensemble attempts to bridge cultures, regions, locations and individuals, each with their specific history. Particularly, Europe with its historical and ethnic diversity has repeatedly gone through massive changes separating and reuniting people often living in close vicinity. The aim is to further explore the potential of taking participating musicians and artists out of their political and social isolation by creating virtual communities of like-minded artists united by their creativity and mutual interests.


Packet Loss: A solo-duet for Keyboard, Network, and Disklavier - Rob King, Pierre Proske

In the current age, it is easy to take for granted the ease and speed with which we can communicate with others around the world. Where once one needed to expend significant amounts of time or energy to get a message around the world, now with digital networks such communication is instant and nearly effortless. Packet Loss attempts to rework the architecture of the network so that long-distance communication requires real physical effort. In this piece, a single network connection is constructed as a physically modelled virtual space, with each of the network hops between the two end points represented as membranes that must be penetrated to get from one end to the other. A piano played at one end creates data packets within the virtual space, which are propelled towards the remote end of the networked space based on the strength of the note played. Not all of the packets will make it through to the other end; we can only hear their attempts at passing through the network membranes echoing through the space. When a packet does make it through however, we can finally hear it as a real note played on the Disklavier.  All the while, the network space becomes a graveyard of lost packets, and data that didn't make it.




Friday 5 November - 19:30

Net 20th Century

Sonic Arts Research Centre


A Pierre, dell'azzurro silenzio inquietum  - Luigi Nono

Five - John Cage

Music for Pure Waves Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulums  - Alvin Lucier

December 1952 - Earl Brown


The 20th century has provided radical explorations of music through a reinvention of its language and culture. This programme celebrates key 20th century works, which represent challenging and disruptive approaches to music by composers such as Luigi Nono, Earl Brown, Alvin Lucier and John Cage.

The works have been adapted for performance in a network context in which an ensemble distributed amongst three sites proposes new forms of interaction and engagement between performers and audiences. Performers include Carin Levine, Franziska Schroeder and Justin Yang (Belfast), Clemens Frstck, Elisabeth Harnik and Peter Plessas (Graz) and Carola Schaal, Stefan Weinzierl and Sofia Borges (Hamburg).




Saturday 6 November - 20:00


Sonic Arts Research Centre


Renditions – Alain Renaud / Curtis McKinney

A man, A Mark, Amen – Felipe Hickmann / Caetano Galindo
Netgraph – Pedro Rebelo

Webwork I – Justin Yang


This programme features four newly commissioned network-centric works, which explore the role of live computer graphics for rendering interaction and telepresence. Visualisation and real-time notation is used to provide musical structures and interactions across the network. Performers include Franziska Schroeder, Gascia Ouzounian, Evan Parker, Pedro Rebelo (Belfast), Clemens Frhstck, Christian Polheimer, Andrea Molnar and Elisabeth Harnik (Graz) and Carola Schaal and John Eckhardt (Hamburg).