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Programme 2016

November 2016 Sonorities

Download a PDF of the Sonorities 2016 programme here or by clicking on the image below.

The November Sonorities programme can also be viewed below.


Sonorities has invited several SARC based composers and performers who will be curating, alongside the artistic director, the overall programme for Sonorities 2016.


Curators are:

Min Kim

Chris Corrigan

Ricardo Jacinto

Hadi Bastani

Paul Stapleton

Tristan Clutterbuck


(6 - 8 May 2016)

Sonic Lab, SARC

Composers including Robert Normandeau, Barry Truax, Ludger Brümmer, Natasha Barrett, Hans Tutschku, Eric Lyon, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano & Garry Kendall present works for 3D audio.

Admission FREE

Friday 6th May 7:30pm

Toys Orestis Karamanlis Duration 8’47”

Tim(br)e II (2009/2013) Michael Clarke Duration 8’26”

Kitchen <-> Miniature(s) (2005-06) Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Spin (2014) Ludger Brümmer Duration: 18’

Saturday, 7th May 7.30pm

The Garden of Sonic Delights (2015-16) Barry Truax

Topology Chamber 2 (2015) Natasha Barrett Duration: 13’22”

Ikaros Gary Kendall Duration: 10”

Anadliad (2010) Robert Normandeau To Ann Lloyd-Jones, in memoriam. Duration: 14’02”

Sunday, 8th May 12.30pm

The Cascades (2014) Eric Lyon

Shakers (2015) Eric Lyon

Agitated Slowness (2010) Hans Tutschku Duration 33’


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Artistic Directors: Michael Alcorn (May events) & Franziska Schroeder (November festival)

Technical Director: Craig Jackson


Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN

Credits: Main Image & Website Design by Helena Hamilton

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