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Symposium 2016

Creative Technologies: Relationships In Between

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The next edition of the symposium takes place on Saturday, the 26th November 2016 at Queen’s University Belfast.

The Symposium is curated by Tristan Clutterbuck, Juan Manuel Loaiza and Franziska Schroeder.


Keynote Speaker: Satinder P. Gill

Satinder is a researcher at the Centre for Music and Science at Cambridge University. Satinder investigates the processes underlying knowledge transfer in human interaction, the role of the body in sense-making, and the dynamics of technologically-mediated interaction. Satinder has a PhD in Experimental Psychology, and her recent book ’Tacit Engagement: Beyond Interaction’ (Springer, 2015) explores how digital technology is altering the relationships between people and how the very nature of interface itself needs to be reconsidered to reflect this – how we can make sense of each other, handle ambiguities, negotiate differences, empathise and collectively make skilled judgments in our modern society. Gill presents new directions for research at the relational-transactional intersection of contrasting disciplines of arts, science and technology, and in so doing, presents philosophical and artistic questions for future research on human connectivity in our digital age.


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