Two Thousand + FIFTEEN Symposium

Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2015

Queen's University Belfast

Cathy Lane, Keynote speaker

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium Cathy Lane, Keynote speaker

Ximena Alacorn

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium Ximena Alacorn

Jane Dudman

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium Jane Dudman

John D'Arcy

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium John D'Arcy

Panos Amelides

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium Panos Amelides

Maria Papadomanolaki

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium Maria Papadomanolaki

James Andean

Two Thousand + 15 Symposium James Andean

Fractured Narratives - Improvised sound and stories

Saturday 25 April 2015

Lanyon Building, Ground Floor Room (0G/074)


Curated by Dr Franziska Schroeder, Koichi Samuels, Tullis Rennie

Download the full programme here

10am - 11am KEYNOTE: Cathy Lane
11am - 11.30am BREAK
Session 1: Practitioners within Sound (Chair: Tristan Clutterbuck)
11.30am Kevin Logan: Repetitive Reading and Rustling
11.45am Ximena Alarcón: Improvising in the distance: Letters and Bridges
12pm Jane Dudman: Everyday Discontinuities: refiguring everyday narratives through audio-visual performance
12.15pm Tania Riikonen: Perfume, Fetish, and Recorded Memories: The Skin of Radio
12.30pm John D'Arcy: Moving Song Improvising Local Literature in Belfast
12.45pm Panos Amelides: Exploring Aristotelian methexis: Culture-specific storytelling and recorded sound
1.00pm Sara Pinheiro: Staging Sound Fiction
1.15pm - 2.30pm BREAK (Sonorities events continue at Queen Street Studios throughout the day)
Session 2: Reflecting on Narrative and Sound (Chair: Tullis Rennie)
2.30pm Maria Papadomanolaki: To Begin Is To Follow On From: The Voicing Of Fragments in Tobačna
2.50pm James Andean: Narrative Intention vs. Narrative Reception in the Sonic Arts
3.10pm Aonghus McEvoy: Stories and Places of Sonic Memory
3.30pm - 3.50pm BREAK
Session 3: Improvisation (Chair: Juan Manuel Loaiza Restrepo)
3.50pm Andrea Zarza: The London Musicians Collective Archive: Historical Narration Through Improvised Traces
4.10pm Artur Vidal: Silence and Glossolalia: Vocal Utopias in Improvised Music
4.30pm Paul Stapleton: Walking and Falling: performing identity in improvised musics
5.00pm - 5.30pm ROUND UP (Keynote, Symposium organisers plus all chairs)
5.30pm Finish
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